gardenORANGEtop2016 Candidate Interview garden16_Krzysiak familyDave Cruickshank for Holly Village President (video)
(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 4, 2016)
Holly, MI – The race for Holly Village President is between three people:  Dave Cruickshank, James Perkins and Richard (Dick) Rossell. The election takes place Nov. 8, 2016.
Cruickshank is currently a member of the Village Council having first been elected in 2014. He also works in management.
When asked why he is running for President, Cruickshank said “It’s more of a continuation. I’ve been on council a few years, got my feet wet and I want to continue the same practices that we’re working on now which is getting businesses to open up shop, increasing the property values, making sure that we take care of blight, that’s a priority. And making sure Chazzano02that the Village is safe for all the residents, kids and all that kind of stuff.”
In his interview with oc115, Cruickshank talked about how he was inspired by Ron Paul to get involved in politics and in making his community better.  He talked about successes on council, including the bike lanes and discussions around saving money by switching water meter reading systems.  He also talked about being on the Planning Commission, the Historic District Commission, and being a member of the Masonic Lodge.

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