Drain Commissioner & Drag Star Lady T Warn Against Flushing…

BoysGirls_trait_01Kramer_TOP_02Drain Commissioner and Drag Star Lady T GallowayCollenssideWarn Against Flushing Inappropriate Items

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept.1, 2016)

Pontiac, MI – “Oh Shhhhhhh……..” says the cigarette-smoking drag queen matriarch just before a house explodes on screen in a PSA about toilet-flushing made by the folks at the Oakland County Water Resources Commission.

Though your house will not actually explode if you flush inappropriate items down the toilet, it Go Comedy Ad yellowcan cause problems for your plumbing and the drainage system for the whole community.

The problem with flushing inappropriate items is that it clogs pipes in the house or contributes to clogs in the drainage system. Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash (formerly titled Drain Commissioner”) and members of his staff enlisted the help of Lady T and former Detroit Water and Sewer employee (now with Great Lakes Water Authority) Greg Eno to help produce a comedic video about the dangers of flushing.  In it Lady T plays a grumpy housewife who mocks her pipe-smoking husband (Nash) and stuffs the toilet full of no-no’s.  The PSA is titled “Pipe Down!  Watch What You Flush!”

Cat litter and cigarette butts are among the items that Lady T tries to flush.

“I have a wonderfully creative staff, and it was a lot of fun going to Ferndale and making this garden16_angela_fisheredgy video. I had never done anything quite like it before and it took a less than glamorous topic and made it interesting and hilarious,” said Water Resources Commissioner Nash said.

The skit was filmed in the home of Craig Covey, Community Liaison for the Water Resources Commissioner. Covey is the Democratic candidate for Oakland County Sheriff. Nash is running for re-election to his post.

“A good public service announcement needs to be fun and creative to cut through all the noise out there. Working with Lady T was just a delight, and she totally got what we were trying to do. There is a take on the 1950’s Eisenhower era housewife, some 1960’s Mad Men advertising flavor, and of course a not too subtle nod to movie director John Waters and his Divine character,” Covey said.


The PSA can be seen online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJjZlFtvvVQ&feature=share.

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