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(City of Oak Park, orig. Aug. 31, 2104, republished Aug. 24, 2016)lynn_stange_01

The City of Oak Park sent out the following guidelines to help residents control rats and rodents in the community. The tips are useful for any community:

Here are seven actions you can take to control the rodent population and help keep our community pest-free:

1. Properly store and cover your garbage. Use trash cans with tight fitting lids. (Plastic bags are not rodent-proof.)

2. Do not leave excess pet food sitting out. Clean dog kennels/pens regularly. Remove dog waste daily. (This is the #1 way that rodents survive!)

3. Makeroyal_services sure bird feeders are at least four feet off the ground and that the ground underneath remains clean. (Some rodents can jump up to 3 feet in the air.)

4. Get rid of “junk” and large rubbish items around your house.

5. Cut weeds and grass regularly.

6. Ensure that firewood is stored on racks at least 18-inches from the ground.

7. If you find these uninvited guests on your property, hire an exterminator if possible, or follow the instructions on poisons and traps sold in most major chain stores.

Questions? Contact the City of Oak Park Code Enforcement & Animal Control Division at (248) 691-7450, or look for information on your city’s website.

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