2016 Candidate Interviews & Ballot Issues (Frequently Updated)

Pledge_TOP_blue2016 Pledge_side_blueCandidate Interviews & Ballot Issues (Frequently Updated)

The oc115 believes in giving all political candidates a voice and a chance for readers to meet the people who want to represent them. So here is a series of video interviews.

Not all races are listed, only those where we have an interview or story.

“*” means that candidate’s interview not complete. For a complete list of candidates go to The Oakland County Clerk’s Elections Division Page.

This will be updated as new interviews and posts are available. If you value having a website that does nonpartisan local level candidate interviews, please support our work at https://www.patreon.com/oc115.

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State Rep – 26th District

R- Randy LeVasseur

D – Jim Ellison

State Rep – 29th District

R- Peter Tzros

R- Garren W. Griffith *

D- Tim Greimel *

State Rep 35th Districtgarden16_barbara_gulley

R- Robert Brim *

D- Jeremy Moss

State Rep 37th District

R – Matt Beer *

R – Mitch Swoboda

D – Christine Greig*

State Rep 40th District

R – Michael D. McCready *

D- Nicole Bedi

State Rep 41st District

R- Martin Howrylak *

R – Ryan Manier

State Rep 45th District

R – Michael Webber *garden16_agora_arts_july

D- Immanuel Eickholdt

D – Ted Golden *

Prosecuting Attorney

R – Mike Goetz

D – Jessica R. Cooper *


R – Michael Bouchard

D – Craig Covey

Clerk/Register of Deeds

R- Tina Barton

R – Bill Bullard Jr.

D – Lisa Brown

D – Michael D. Smith


R – John P. MCulloch *

D – Andy Meisner

Water Resources Commissioner

R – Robert Buxbaum

D – Jim Nash

County Commissioner District 1

R – Michael J. Gingell *

D – Michelle Bryant

County Commissioner District 2

R – Salvatore Delia

R – Bob Hoffman

R – Robert Klevengarden16_darlene_bignotti

D – Rhonda Carr

County Commissioner 12th District

R – Chuck Moss

R – Shelley Goodman Taub

D – Charles Gaba

County Commissioner 17th District

R- Regina Brim

R- David Cuttner

D- Nancy Quarles

County Commissioner 18th District

R- Steven Zimberg

D- Helaine Zack

County Commissioner 19th District

R – Michael Ryan

D – Dave Woodward *

County Commissioner 20th District

R – David J. Harrell

R – J. Karl Jackson *

D – Gary R. McGillivray



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20160611_2016 Candidate Interview Randy LeVasseur for State Rep2016_candidate interview_jim ellison_title20160721_Pete Tzros_Candidate interview title20160620_candidate interview jeremy moss state rep title20160728_2016 Candidate Interview Mitch Swoboda for State Rep 37th District_title20160717_Nicole Bedi for State Rep20160620_ryan manier candidate interview_title20160731_Immanuel “Ike” Eickholdt for State Rep 45th District2016_candidate interview_mike goetz_title20160511_sheriff_bouchard_title20160511_covey_title20160615_tina creek barton clerk20160526_candidate_bill_bullard_oakland county clerk_title20160526_candidate_lisa brown_oakland county clerk_TITLE20160615_michael smith county clerk20160610Candidate Interview Andy Meisner Oakland County Treasurer 201620160609_2016 Candidate Interview Robert Buxbaum for Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner title20160610_2016 Candidate Interview Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash_title20160713_2016 Candidate Interview Michelle Bryant for Oakland County Commission Dist 1_title20160515_chuck_moss_interview-title20160515_shelley goodman taub_candidate interview_title20160515_charles_gaba_title20160729_2016 Candidate Interview David Cuttner for County Commission 17th District_title20160730_2016 Candidate Interview County Commissioner Helaine Zack 18th District title20160731_Michael Ryan for County Commission Dist20160708 candidate interview David Harrell troy title20160708_2016 Candidate Interview County Commissioner Gary RPledge_bottom_blue




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