High Methane Levels Found at Ferndale DPW Yard

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(City of Ferndale, March 17, 2016)

During the coming weeks, residents may notice some new activity at the City of Ferndale’s Southwest  Storage Yard, located at Central and W. Marshall Streets.

While looking at opportunities for better   utilization of our storage yard property, we discovered elevated methane levels in the ground. We  initially attributed this to a Consumer’s Energy gas line, which was quickly repaired.

However, the levels  haven’t decreased as quickly as we anticipated, so we’ll be performing some light work at the property   to identify and control the source.

For more information, please take a moment to read the FAQs below. If you have additional questions,   contact Director of Public Works Director Loyd Cureton at 248-546-2525 option 7.

What is the cause of the remaining methane levels? This is precisely what we’re working to find out. We previously identified a methane source on this   property and worked closely with Consumer’s Energy to quickly identify and repair the issue. Following  that repair, the methane levels have not decreased as quickly as we anticipated. We’re now working to   determine whether there’s a second methane source or simply residual 711 ad pizzamethane from the initial leak.

Does methane, at the levels detected, pose any health or safety risks?   No. Methane is a nontoxic chemical compound which, in its natural state, typically occurs underground.   Since we’ve been monitoring the levels at the Storage Yard, they have remained steady or decreased— never increased—and have not migrated off or toward the edges of the property. Methane, at the  locations and levels that have been detected, poses no air quality or health issues in unenclosed spaces.

What is the City doing to address the elevated methane levels?   In the coming weeks, we’ll be installing a vent system—essentially two small vent pipes in the ground— to eliminate/lower the methane levels. We will also investigate the property to determine if there is a   second source of the methane and, if necessary, provide a repair.

How will this work affect the neighborhood?   We don’t anticipate any noise or increased traffic with this project. You may see one or two construction  vehicles on the garden16_andrew_sarpolisproperty during the initial vent installation, but in general the venting and inspection  work should be predominantly quiet and pose no issues for neighbors or residents.

How long do you expect it to take?   The vents will be placed immediately, and monitoring and investigation of the methane levels should be  complete within six weeks. We will reach out again at that point to update you about the status and let   you know if further work is required.

How can I learn more?   If you have additional questions, please contact Director of Public Works Director Loyd Cureton at 248- 546-2525 option 7.



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