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(Crystal A. Proxmire, March 6, 2016)
Holly, MI – Through Holly Area Youth Assistance, grownups in the community are able to help give kids experiences in summer camp, scholarships for their education, classes for parents, funds professional counseling for families , and providing food for children in low income families through the Blessings in a Backback program.
The people who donate, volunteer and sit on the board gathered Wednesday evening for the group’s annual meeting and dinner. Staffed by students in the program, the event gave everyone a chance to celebrate the programs successes.
Mary Schusterbauer of Oakland County Youth Assistance swore in the new board members, and talked about how programs of Youth Assistance can teach kids confidence and resilience, traits that can counteract adverse childhood experiences. “All these things you do, you’re helping. It’s not just being nice, mendoza adit’s necessary.”
Sandra Kleven of French Flamingo accepted an award for their support of Holly Area Youth Assistance. “I’ve lived here since 1995. I love living here.  I love having a business here. The kids know if they need a safe place to come in, of if they get separated from their family they can come in and use our phone,” Kleven said. The store donates for events, gave to the Jacobson Quinn Toy Project and was a sponsor for teen night.
Eric Wiltse of Richfield Industries also was recognized. “Our business is right here on Grange Hall Road. Wherever we have a location we want to give back and help the communities that help us,” Wiltse said.
The 2016 Board of Directors are President Tena Alvarado, Vice President Cherie Monette, Secretary Barb Myers, Treasurer Diane Howell and Members Linda Blair, Robin Carne, Janie Andrews, Shirley Charbeneau, Linda Smith, Margaret Bloom, Debby Musgrave and Dale Smith.
To learn more about Holly Area Youth Assistance, including how to volunteer or donate, go to http://youth-assistance.holly.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/integrated_home.phtml?gid=985296&sessionid=8cf168a4802472d58e88a1e5ec4f0d44.
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