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Be Berkley. Logo and Branding Results Unveiled, Voters to Decide

GallowayCollensTOPsunsetREVISEDBe Berkley. Logo and royal_servicesBranding Results Unveiled, Voters to Decide

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 16, 2015)

The potential new brand for Berkley was unveiled at Monday night’s council meeting, to a crowd full of mixed reactions.

The concept is “Be. Berkley,” and the suggested logo has the word “BE” in large block letters with the middle of the E extending longer than is normally seen. Below that is the city’s name.

Sahara ad with wineThe proposed motto is “Berkley — where you want to be.”

One resident likened it to a pitchfork, and another said he worried that the debate would divide the city, comparing the city’s position to propaganda used in George Orwell’s book 1984.

But others in the crowd liked it, saying it represents both the history and the future. Neighboring cities like Ferndale and Royal Oak have modernized their branding in recent years, with Ferndale represented by an “F” with a paint swoop in the middle, and Royal Oak using a simple “RO” in the middle of a circle.

The Berkley logo in place now was designed in 1961 by a high school student. The logo is a circle divided into four, with a church, a family of four, a Liberty Bell and a book in each section.Red Door Realty Ad _own_your_dream

A branding study conducted by MessageMakers involved asking residents for input. However before the new brand was revealed, a group of residents who do not want a new logo put a ballot proposal together to require a vote of the people before a change is made. With a voter turnout rate of 16.7%, there were 1,524 votes in favor of requiring a public vote before a change is made, and 488 votes against that requirement.

The potential new logo is maroon in color, and the E is similar to that on the Berkley marquee in the city’s Downtown. The discussion is likely to take place over the next few months as city officials consider whether to put the new logo, or something different altogether, on the ballot sideADpinkfor the people to decide.

“I think you can see there is a broad range of opinion on that,” said Mayor Phil O’Dwyer. “It is the job of the residents to make the decision to move forward.”

Mayor O’Dwyer responded to the accusation of division, stating “This city is not divided. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference on the critical issues. That we can have a vibrant discussion is a sign of a community that is active and moving forward.”

The logo is expected to be added to the City’s website in the coming weeks and opportunities for discussion will take place.

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