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Election Day! Share Your Stickers and Poll Worker Pictures!

mbrew brought to you by top adElection Day! Share Your Sahara ad with wineStickers and Poll Worker Pictures!

(Compiled, with much thanks to Cheryl Weiss, Nov. 3, 2015)

Election Day is one of our favorite holidays!  Let’s spread the Election Day spirit by sharing pictures of poll workers and folks with “I voted” stickers.

For the best oc115 Election Stories go to

Check back later for local election results.

Add your picture on Facebook at

20151103_election_pics_9820151103_election_pics_01 20151103_election_pics_02 20151103_election_pics_0320151103_voted_sticker_0120151103_voted_sticker_0320151103_voted_sticker_0520151103_voted_sticker_0620151103_voted_sticker_0720151103_voted_sticker_0820151103_voted_sticker_01820151103_voted_sticker_02420151103_voted_sticker_02520151103_voted_sticker_02620151103_voted_sticker_02720151103_voted_sticker_02820151103_voted_sticker_02920151103_voted_sticker_01920151103_voted_sticker_04320151103_voted_sticker_04420151103_voted_sticker_04920151103_voted_sticker_07720151103_voted_sticker_07820151103_voted_sticker_07920151103_voted_sticker_08020151103_voted_sticker_08120151103_voted_sticker_8820151103_voted_sticker_09920151103_voted_sticker_0688 20151103_election_pics_05 20151103_election_pics_06 20151103_election_pics_07 20151103_election_pics_08 20151103_election_pics_09 20151103_election_pics_010 20151103_voted_sticker_0220151103_election_pics_019 20151103_election_pics_032 20151103_election_pics_37 20151103_election_pics_44 20151103_election_pics_46 20151103_election_pics_66 20151103_election_pics_067 20151103_election_pics_88  20151103_election_pics_099 20151103_election_pics_208 20151103_election_pics_0333 20151103_election_pics_768mbrew simple bottom long


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