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Amy Butters: Why I’m Voting Yes for Ferndale Schools Nov. 3


I’m voting Yes for Ferndale Schools on Nov. 3, and YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT WILL HAPPEN…

Amy Butters: Why I’m Voting Judy_Palmer30yearsYes for Ferndale Schools Nov. 3

(Guest View by Amy Butters, Ferndale Schools Trustee, Nov. 2, 2015)

I’m voting Yes for Ferndale Schools on Nov. 3, and you won’t believe what will happen…

1. My tax bill stays the same.   In fact, as a homeowner in the Ferndale School District, I do not pay this tax. The Non-  Homestead Operating Tax Levy is for industrial, commercial and rental properties. This millage   does not affect my tax bill.

2. Taxes for RustBeltAd01businesses stay the same.  Businesses are already paying this tax. The question on the Nov. 3 ballot is asking voters to   allow it to continue, at the same level. Businesses will not pay higher taxes as a result of this   millage.

3. The Ferndale School District keeps a significant piece of its funding pie.   The money from this millage accounts for 14% of the school district’s budget. I do not want to   think about what might have to be cut if voters do not approve this millage. What I’m sure of is   that it would not be good for our students and teachers if this millage does not pass.

4. Our schools stay strong.  Students thrive here. That can only happen with a financially healthy district. School funding in   our state is complicated, and it takes a strong partnership Sahara ad with winebetween government and community   to make sure our schools have enough money.  This is the time for voters to do our part, to   continue to show that children’s education is a priority here.

5. Our whole community stays strong.  I am the mom of three Ferndale Schools students. I have a lot at stake, and so do the other   parents in our community, so it’s easy for us to vote yes. But we are also counting on yes voters   from all across the population, because that is what it will take to get this millage passed. A well-  educated population and strong school district are good for business and our whole community.   A yes vote is what it will take to help keep us all financially healthy, vibrant and smart.

Please join me inUrbaneAd_04 voting Yes on Nov. 3.   -Amy Butters  Ferndale Board of Education trustee

For more info on the millage, check out this interview with Ferndale Schools Superintendent Blake Prewitt:

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