waterworkTOP_whiteHazel Park Says Hello to Cellarmen’s Brewery (video)
(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 20, 2015)

Hazel Park gave a big hello to their newest business on Saturday – a small batch brewery that chazzano game adhas taken over what used to be Bolyard Lumber. Cellarmen’s is the first brewery in the city, and aims to be a central gathering place for the blue collar and artisan community.
Ian Radogost-Givens and business partner Jason Petrocik held the ribbon as Mayor Jan Pairisi used a little pair of scissors to cut through on Saturday before opening their doors to the public.
“Hazel Park’s a great town,” Radogost-Givens said. “Everybody’s been really open and nice about everything of us coming in. We wanted to find a town that didn’t have a brewery. We wanted to be that town’s brewery, and getting to know everybody in the town, to make relationships with neighbors. That’s why we do the big communal tables and everything, so you sit next to someone new every time and get in a nice conversation with somebody.”
The tables and many features of the brewery are made from wood and fixtures Detroit_GT_ad04left behind from the old lumberyard. An area in back is where Radogost-Givens and Petrocik make their unique brews. Saturday’s variety of offerings included Pineapple Cider and Lady Boy Beer, which is a Jasmine rice Thai basil IPA. Meads had name like French Oak Wildflower, Cotton Candy and Hungry Girl, made with strawberry and white pepper.  Plans are in the works to make the cider available in cans.  There is no food but people are welcome to bring their own in.
One rule, written on the chalkboard menu, made clear the Cellarmen’s spirit “Be nice or leave.”
To learn more about Cellarmen’s find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cellarmens.  They are located at 24310 John R, just north of Woodward Heights, in Hazel Park.
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