Poem: For Nostalgia’s Sake


Poem: For Nostalgia’s Sake

(Poetry by Vickie Brent-Touray, Sept. 1, 2015 ed)

On Friday, January 12th, 8:30 A.M., 4TH FLOOR MATERNITY WARD, RM 418, bed B,blumz06

Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, to Joyce Marie —

while Silas Brent played his last hand of Bid Whist— a hazelnut colored bundle of vehement lungs heralded her own arrival,

and Just in time for the REAL party.


Cousin CD’s flawless helmet of Black glory:

A perfect addition to his formidable ensemble of

Polyester Freedom Bells and shiny Black leather.

An impeccable goatee encircled a boiling cauldron that spew his Rhetoric in politic.

His rhetoric could singe the very kernel of every Disenfranchised Disillusioned


And absolutely oppressed or depressed heart in a surrounding 50 mile radius.


Daddy had a Silver Bullet:

A 1972 Cadillac Coupe de VilleCFSEM-123-OaklandCounty115-digital-ad_v2

with a diamond in the back, sun-roofed top

We were diggin’ in the scene with a gangsta lean-

woo woo…


It was the perfect chariot for our Saturday— or Sunday drive.

Every other day it was G.M.C. Truck and Bus for him, but on our day,

the heat rays rode the airways right into the sun roofed top

The leather seats melted underneath my skinny legs and we were breathin’ soouuup.

“Ooh…mercy, mercy me…”

it was Mama, fanning herself in the heat-


and Marvin from the Deluxe 8-Track Deck.


Parliament Funkadelic—barking like Dogs…

Earth, Wind and Fire—crooning like a woman

Little Michael Jackson—pleading’ like a grown man… and Aretha Franklin,

wailing like a woman with a broken heart.


We could hardly wait till Friday!

Fish Fry and Bid Whist for them

meant we were up long enough to watch Good Times House FULL!


People hollarin’…

Give me a fish sandwich Joyce!HowesLocation

Eloise, will you get that hollin baby!

Oooh, Mercy, Mercy meeee…

Sing Marvin baby Sing!

Aunt Magg says “Somebody check on the kids” Nigga…nah you know you cheatin’!

Hey Homeboy,

Light some incense and pass me dem papers!


People drinkin’ People laughin’ People dancin’ People cursin’ People jivin’ People lovin’ People livin’ People bein’

Bein’ Black…bein’ beautiful…and just bein’


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