Guest View: Power up positive energy & clear the negativity from your life

essentialTOPtempGuest View: Power up positive Candlewickshop_May2014energy & clear the negativity from your life

(Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations, March 26, 2015)

Remaining a victim gives the negative energy in your life an all you can eat ticket to your soul.   To step out of victim-hood you have to step into personal responsibility.   Be responsible for rest of your life and how the past defines you. No one said this was easy, no one said it doesn’t hurt and no one says that you won’t slip back into it from time to time, but you will empower yourself bit by bit if you continue to make that choice to be responsible for your present moment.

There are so many reasons why negativity takes hold and let me take a moment and validate you.   Life can really beat you down, continual stress can create a chemical imbalance that leads new way 01 ping pongto depression, mental illness is often untreated and seen as a weakness, and the actions of others can destroy your life as you know it.   There are very valid reasons and we all have a pocket full of them.   They don’t feel like excuses, they feel huge, unwieldy and all encompassing. I cannot compare my darkest moments to yours and tell which one is better, it doesn’t matter because the light is equally blocked from our souls no matter the reason and it’s near impossible to see the way out.

Go ahead and look at it, pull up your courage and look deeply into your negativity. What is there? What are you afraid of that draws this negativity to you.   It is a fear and a belief that your ego is holding onto and drawing this negativity to you to protect you.   Ironic, your ego is trying to protect you from realizing a big fear, yet creating another type of pain in the end.   When you shine that light of courage onto this repeating negativity in your life you can be surprised at the chazzano game adtruth.   Layer by layer you will light up your truth and find that core fear. It’s ok if the layers are thin, they will get deeper over time, but don’t stop with one because that is what your fear wants you to do. Your fear wants you to find a quick answer, put a band aid on it and forget you ever looked for it in the first place.     That is the mastery of fear, misdirection and negative events that distract you, it’s your job to master the art of light and truth.

Powering up your energy involves clearing away the negative triggers in your life. One-at-a-time.   Each little shift you make in transforming the negative energy in your life adds up, eventually leading to a drama free life. Anyone can make a tiny 10% shift in their energy, but eventually over time as these shifts become habits you find yourself at a 100% change. Small shifts that you can sustain, create a positive habit around and then when you DDAnew01are ready make another small shift.

Start today, right now, and ask yourself for two things that you are grateful for. Two real things that bring true gratitude. When you find those and wrap yourself in that energy set the intention that you will find two more things to feel grateful about today.   So tomorrow morning you will have 4 things to be grateful about. If you can start your day with 4 points of gratitude you are a changed person.

Here are four more practices that you can do to change your world into a positive one;

~Spend a compliment today.   Find at least one person to compliment, sincerely and deeply compliment them.   The positive energy that is build will compound between you.

~Stop yourself from saying something negative at least one time today.   Just one gardenfreshADtime, catch yourself and change it. If it’s about you, rewrite it into something positive. If it’s about someone else, get real with what fear that other person is triggering in you.

~Smile. In a moment of stress, or better yet in a moment where you are about to give up, smile. I learned this from Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.   When you are holding plank, sweating and ready to give up she reminds you to smile and breath out your resistance and all of a sudden you can do another 15 seconds of that hold.   So SMILE my friends in a moment of your deepest pain and the pain is lessened.

~Let go of accomplishments and grab onto contentment.   Although we may think that we are the most content when we just lay around in a warm bed on a cold day, but really we are MBREW draft onemost content when we meet our needs and the needs of those we love.   When you focus on accomplishments you will never measure up and you will always feel like a negative failure.   Let the to do list be re-written in your heart as things that will help you be content and you will find that positive push to accomplish it all.

As you practice these positive habits, help yourself release and clear the negativity you are replacing. It’s hard to hold the space all on your own so we have candles and oils to help you through it.

Happiness Blessed Herbal Oil – wear it, diffuse it, put it in your lotion but surround yourself with this energy like a protective layerseed01_jack_miller

Happiness Blessed Herbal candle – help yourself out and just burn this without a clear intent. You just need to fill the space with the vibration of happiness so you can eventually vibrate with it.

Spiritual Cleansing, Uncrossing and Van Van Motor City Hoo Doo candles – This triad of candles will help the negative energy release from you, lift away and be replaced with energy to heal and sooth your soul.

Evil Eye Witches Brew candle and oil – Light it candle by your main door to stop negative intent CFSEM-123-OaklandCounty115-digital-ad_v2from entering.   Rub a drop of the oil on your door handles, in your shoes and on your car steering wheel to steer others away from triggering your fears and negativity.

This is an illuminating process and worth it even if you only get 10% of the way there.

Jacki Smith is a local Ferndalian, mom, author and partner at Candle Wick Shop in Downtown Ferndale and Coventry Creations (also in Ferndale) where she makes her candles. This post originally appeared at

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