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In the Mood for Movies: Ferndalians Share their Favorites in Honor of FEF Dinner

GallowayCollensTOPsunsetREVISEDIn the Mood for Movies: Ferndalians Share their modern natural baby inprogressFavorites in Honor of FEF Dinner

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 28, 2015)

Those who support Ferndale Schools and the Ferndale Education Foundation are getting ready for the fantastic annual fundraising dinner that takes place on Friday, March 13 at Club Venetian Banquet Center. The theme for this year’s event is The Oscars and guests are encouraged to wear their best red carpet attire or to dress like a movie character. Tickets are $45 each or two dinner tickets plus two raffle tickets are $100. There will be a best costume contest and a best table theme contest.   To purchase tickets contact Barb at or call 248-390-4457.

To get ready for the grand celebration, we asked local Ferndale School Supporters to share their Candlewickshop_May2014favorite movie and what it meant to them.

Ferndale Schools Superintendent Blake Prewitt shared a romantic story about his favorite, Forest Gump. “After seeing this movie, my girlfriend and I went out to dinner and then I proposed to her. We continue to watch the movie every couple of years on our anniversary. This winter break we were able to get to Savannah, Georgia and take a picture of us on the bench that Forest waited for the bus,” Prewitt said.

Oak Park Mayor Marian McClellan said “I found Theory of Everything inspiring, watching someone with three strikes against him continue to function and make a difference. It made my problems look very solvable.”

Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter is a big fan of Katherine Hepburn. He said African Queen is among his favorites. “I admire how fearless and independent she comes across, especially in the generation she was raised,” Coulter said.nicholas-schrock-allstate

Ferndale School Board President Jim O’Donnell gave a simple reason for his love of The Big Lebowski. “Yeah, well, that’s just like your opinion, man,” he said.

Fellow School Board Trustee Amy Butters said her favorite movie is Blues Brothers. “So many classic lines, great cameos and an awesome sound track,” she said. “And the chicken wire.”

Raylon Leaks-May, who also serves on the School Board said “Cleopatra is one of my favorite movies because she was a woman who, during trying times, epitomized perseverance as well as intellect and eventually became the ruler of an empire!”

School Board Trustee Karen Twomey picked The Joy Luck Club, for what she says is “it’s amazing insight on culture and relationships.” She added  “Or Ferris Bueller, no explanation necessary.”

Barb Landry, who helped organize the Oscars event said “The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie. One of the first movies I saw as a child and one that we watched as a family when 711 ad slurpeeit came on only once a year. It encouraged me use my imagination, taught me that as a team everything is possible and pushes me to tackle things even when they are scary,” she said. “I’ll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!”

Band Director Elon Jamison picked The Shawshank Redemption because, he said, “both primary characters are (we believe) innocent of their supposed crimes, and yet they stay strong and subversively get the better of their arguably more criminal jailers.”

City Councilperson Greg Pawlica also appreciates a movie that shows a character persevering. He explained the 1942 film Now Voyager starring Bette Davis, saying “The untold want by life and land ne’er granted… Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.” “Now, Voyager” takes its title from a book by the same name, inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem, “TheMBREW draft one Untold Want:” This film is often billed as a love story, and it is. But it is also the journey of a woman who finds her own voice, stands up against a tyrannical mother, and takes an unconventional path. Charlotte Vale, a 30-ish spinster who has a nervous breakdown, gets psychiatric help (from the ever smooth Claud Rains), and puts the pieces of herself into place not only by falling in love with Paul Henreid, but by declaring her independence from her domineering Bostonian mother. I am drawn to films where a person who may be stifled and downtrodden, uses all their strength to break free from their bonds to transform themselves into the person they want to be. Moreover, they use their new-found strength and courage to help others who might not have the fortitude to make the journey alone. “Now Voyage” fits the bill.”

Kristy Stoll finds her joy in Forrest Gump. “I like the message about how a person who may seed029_keyser_familynot be the smartest but who has a really big heart can become a success. And success isn’t what drives him — just wants to do the right thing. He is true to his family and friends. Plus I love the fact that it happens over decades and the settings, music, costumes, events reflect those so perfectly,” Stoll said.

Tanya Kempf picked Lord of the Rings “because even the smallest person can change the course of the future,” she said.

Annie Martin’s nostalgic feelings came alive watching the movie Bridesmaids. “I just laughed throughout,” Martin said. “We’ve all experienced in real life some part of this movie (no need for details) and had a friend or two like these ladies. Need I mention dancing to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips?”HowesLocation

Beauty and the Beast is Kelly Satterfield’s favorite. “It is a beautiful story about looking past the outside so we do not miss the beauty that lies inside. It takes you on a journey to places that are fun, exciting and Magical!”

Some had some more gritty choices, like Ferndale Schools Director of Communications Bill Good, who said “My favorite movie is Fightclub…. I can’t talk about why due to the first Rule of Fightclub,” and Mary Foreman who attributes her favorite, Mommie Dearest, to having “a lisa schmidt lawstrange family.”

Kathleen LaTosch did not go with a favorite, but instead gave props to The Matrix. “It is not my favorite movie of all time, but it was a good flick and a great excuse to sport some black leather and shades,” she said.

Want to add your favorite to the list? Join in the conversation on the oc115 Facebook Page at

To purchase tickets to the Oscar-themed event contact Barb at or call 248-390-4457.


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