Bomb Squad Called on Trailer Damaged by Explosive Device in Highland Twp.waterwork
(Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept, Sept. 14, 2014)
INCIDENT:  18:40 Hrs. Sept. 13 – Highland Township – Explosives Investigation / Detective and MSP Bomb Squad Callout – #14-145197 – and #14-145518
SUMMARY: Deputies responded to 2400 block of Jackson Blvd for a report of an explosive that detonated under a camper trailer in a yard the previous evening. Witnesses heard the explosion and when deputies and petsittingHighland Township Fire Department responded, the incident location could not be located as they were only given an area to check and not a specific address. When the owner later discovered the trailer he believed it was done deliberately and contacted an OCSO.  Responding Deputies noticed explosive residue on the camper.

OUTCOME OF INCIDENT:  An OCSO Investigator, Fire Investigator, and Explosives K-9 Deputy responded to the scene. The Explosive Detection K-9 alerted on a vehicle next to the camper trailer. A Michigan State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was requested and responded to the scene. It was determined that there were no other explosive devices and the damage to the camper trailer was caused by an explosive device.  Neighbor’s heard the explosion but did not see any suspects. All evidence was collected and submitted to be analyzed. The investigation is ongoing.
(VICTIM): 34 year old male resident of Highland Township.
(SUSPECT): Unknown.
NOTE:  Police Reports come directly from the Police Department or agency involved and are written by the person or agency listed below the title.  We generally run these “as is” or with minimal editing for punctuation, spelling, etc. Suspects should not be presumed guilty. Those needing more information about a case are encouraged to follow up with the reporting agency or court system for the most current information.
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