Ready for the Next Emergency? How a Home Inventory Can Help

Ready for the Next Emergency? How a Home Inventory Can Helpdinos02sidelogo3

(Sam Moore, Unique Home & Business Inventory, Sept 11, 2014)

NOTE: Sam Moore is the owner of Unique Home and Business Inventory. After learning about his service during the flooding crisis, we asked him to share a write up about his work as another resource for readers. Below are other flood resource articles you may find helpful.

Rain, water, fire, storm, and thieves all can deprave us of our processions, as many of us found out this week. I hope all goes smooth with your insurance companies. Mother Nature answered the question, WHY DO I NEED A HOME INVENTORY.

A home inventory is proof of ownership to the insurance company. It take away the guesses and doubts from ctechadthe adjuster. Many people had total or near total losses and if they had a DVD with pictures and descriptions, the claims processes would go much faster with larger settlements. On the DVD place copies of important papers insurance, mortgages, medical records and many others can be added. Also this should include any appraisals, sale slips for large purchase and important to you papers. Remember no matter if you do it or have someone else do your inventory just do it. If you do not have enough insurance to cover the loss you may be able to take the loss off your taxes, consult your tax advisor.

Unique Home Inventory fees are on base on two criteria’s. The first is how many square feet including all areas to document, i.e. Basement and garage. The second is how much stuff is there to document. We have three levels depending on the amount.modern natural baby inprogress

What do I get for my money? You get an agreed upon detailed report which includes A DVD with digital photos, Video, and a portfolio. We also have the ability to archive a copy in our secured bank safety box. How long does it take is a common question. The answer is it could be as quick as two hour or long as a full day. The one thing that is not on my web site is JUST DO IT! Start today by taking pictures including what was destroyed. Remember losses not covered by insurance can be taken off taxes. Talk to you tax preparer.

How important is a home inventory thinks about your neighbor who had one, all they had to do is give the Jim Shaffer KELLER ad blackDVD to the adjuster. They are cleaning up; fixing up, AND cashing the check while you are still working with your insurance company trying for a fair settlement.

I started Unique Home & Business Inventory after coming to the realization that I had not done enough to protect myself. I have been on a mission to inform people the importance of documenting personal assets. We are now in our third year, helping people with documentation of their personal assets. I am certified by the National Inventory Certification Association as well as insured and bonded. I lived in the Oak Park/Ferndale area since 1968 moving from Northwest Detroit.

Contact: Sam Moore C.I.S. 248-842-5214 document_4_you@yahoo.comdda_ad_01


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