Royal Oak Flooding Information

Royal Oak Flooding InformationStreet-Eatzz-Ad

(City of Royal Oak, Aug. 12, 2014)

At 6 p.m. today, Mayor Jim Ellison declared a state of emergency in the City of Royal Oak. The declaration has been forwarded to Oakland County Homeland Security, which will then forward it to state and federal authorities. The City of Royal Oak will pursue every possible avenue to obtain state or federal assistance for our city and its residents.


Coping with a Sewer Backup

How do I clean up after floods/sewer backups?

Proper responses to flooding/sewer backups can greatly minimize losses from negative health effects and sidebar01sponsorproperty damage. Every situation is unique and will require different responses but there are some universal principles that can be applied to all situations. Sewer backups and flooding can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house, and the risk of electrocution. Prompt cleanup of affected property can help minimize the inconvenience and damage.

Health and Safety Issues

Please be aware and keep in mind the risk of potential health and safety problems when addressing the cleanup of your home. Sewage and floodwaters contain bacteria, fecal material, viruses and other hazardous microorganisms which can cause disease. These germs can be transmitted by touching contaminated items or by tracking them into uncontaminated areas on shoes. Children and pets are especially vulnerable. Odors from sewage backups and flood waters are unpleasant but not harmful. The speedy removal and cleanup of water is very important and necessary.

Read how to protect yourself and your family during clean up at sandler bowen reflexology


Trash Pick Up Delayed

Due to high garbage volumes today, Rizzo was unable to finish today’s route. They will finish Tuesday before proceeding to the Wednesday route. Those streets not completed today include Montross, Woodlawn and a portion of Amelia, Englewood & Midland.

Note: Debris/garbage from flooded basements will be allowed to be placed at the curb every day this week, however, there is no guarantee it will be picked up on any day other than your regularly scheduled collection day.

MBREW draft one

Public Act 222 of 2001

Public Act 222 of 2001 clarifies the conditions under which municipalities are liable for sewer backups. If you experienced an overflow or backup and would like to file a claim, email and include your name, address and telephone number and a claim form will be sent to you in the mail.


I-75 Under WaterJim Shaffer KELLER ad black

City Engineer Matt Callahan said staff is trying to figure out what undermined the embankment that knocked out Stephenson Highway near Dallas leaving I-75 under water.

When the hill eroded, it took with it a pump station, Callahan said.

MDOT has hooked up a temporary station to pump water but it could take a couple of days or more to clean everything up on I-75. Multiple cars are believed to be buried under the water.

Callahan noted one block of Stephenson will have to be rebuilt.


ctechadMore Storm News

  • The rain station at DPS showed 1.12 inches of rain fell in 30 minutes yesterday. Rainfall exceeded 100 year storm levels. Total rainfall was 4.98 inches.
  • Some wires were downed in the city but not many.
  • The fire department received a few calls for fires that turned out to be electricity popping in flooded basements. In these cases, meters had to be pulled off houses to turn power off.
  • Two fire trucks and one police car are out of commission due to flooding. The vehicles are currently being looked at by DPS.
  • Royal Oak police report receiving 500 calls in reference to basement flooding on Monday. Those calls were compiled and sent to DPS.
  • Officers impounded 30-35 vehicles that were left abandoned in roadways and posed hazards. A significant number of those were left at railroad viaducts.
  • As you can imagine, DPS was overwhelmed with calls. Residents are asked to be patient.seed03_ann_warner



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