Internet Connected but Not Loading? Try DNS Fix

Internet Connected but Not Loading? Try DNS Fixctechad

(Crystal A. Proxmire, July 22, 2014)

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A frustrating and unpredictable problem for internet customers is when their computer shows there is internet access, but the websites still won’t load. This problem has hit WOW customers several times this summer, but it can happen with any provider. We talked to Ryan Meray, owner of C! Tech Solutions, and of course he had the solution.

“Despite their record for customer service, WOW has had a string of DNS outages frequently for the past 8 months as they’ve been making changes to their network. These outages seem to be random and unplanned, which makes it even more frustrating for their customers,” Meray said.

When customers have a signal, but cannot connect, it can be a DNS issue. The solution is to instruct your computer to use a Google DNS.

The pictures below show the steps for how to do this in Windows 7. For users of other systems, it won’t look exactly like this, but the steps are very similar.  For preferred DNS Server enter and

20140722dnschange01 20140722dnschange02

Meray explained more about DNS and why he recommends changing it.

“DNS is the system that takes a website’s domain name (such as and translates it to the numeric IP address the domain resides upon. It’s sort of like how GPS can translate the street address of a house into a latitude and longitude for that house.”

When a DNS server is down, it’s like being in a car but not being able to see the road. You’re still connected to the Internet, but your browser cannot read the directions of where to go. That’s why some sites that are still in the browser’s memory will load, while others won’t. Websites Candlewickshop_May2014like Gmail and Facebook have regularly changing IP addresses

DNS servers are run by Internet Service Providers, like Comcast and WOW, along with other companies that don’t necessarily provide Internet service in your area, like Google or OpenDNS. If you do not change your settings, most likely your computer is defaulting to the Wow or Comcast DNS.

“The DNS systems of some of these ISPs can be wonky and act in ways they shouldn’t, or be less stable than sidebar012stairsthose run by other companies,” Meray said. “Most IT people prefer the Google DNS as a good default because Google has a good record of keeping their DNS systems stable and updated frequently, so there are less issues accessing websites with changing addresses and fewer DNS outages.”

DNS can also be changed directly at the router level, so that all computers on a network are properly re-directed. But because routers can vary, those who are not familiar with them should call a professional like C! Tech Solutions. For more information about C! Tech Solutions, check out their website at

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