FCC Workshop Helps Job Seekers Get Motivated

Ferndale Career Center Workshop Helps Job Seekers Get MotivatedJudyPalmer01

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Dec. 13, 2013)

“Get on your feet.  Get up and make it happen.”

The energetic beat and encouraging words flowed through the conference room of the Ferndale Career Center on Dec. 11 as Passion Coach Jodi Knittel and participants in her “Get Motivated” class loosened up their chakras by swaying their heads and shaking their hips to the song.

“Music changes the vibrations in your body,” Knittel said.  “Use songs to help get you motivated.  Get up and get moving and you will feel it.”

The two hour workshop is one of many put on by the FCC to give job seekers the tools to help them find rewarding work.  Knittel is a passion coach and motivational speaker who has been teaching at the center DDA holiday ice 2013 asfor over seven years.  She also teaches a Passion Test Class and a class about financial attraction, but “Get Motivated” is the one that started it all.

And fundamentally, motivation is the core of any successful job search or entrepreneurial project.

Knittel shared several methods for self-motivation that would be helpful to anyone, not just the jobseekers in the room.

“One of the ways to stay motivated is to create an intention.  Create an intention every day,” she said.  Some suggestions included making a to do list or journaling about goals and accomplishments.  Knowing what you intend to do is the first step to doing it.

“People will take a motivation workshop and be motivated for a couple days, then it will drop.  But motivation is something you need to work for.  Motivation is like bathing, it’s something you need to do every day,” Knittel said.

Daily affirmations are a great way to get in the motivation habit. Knittel shared a You Tube video of a young girl doing affirmations in the bathroom mirror, spewing an adorable mix of empowering thoughts about nicholas-schrock-allstateherself and statements of gratitude for the good things in her life.

Freestyle affirmations can work, but so can a preset mantra.  “I am funny.  I am helpful.  I am persistent,” might be an example of this.  Knittel explained that speaking into a mirror, looking in one’s own eyes, and using ‘I am’ to take ownership of the mantra help make it more effective.

The language people use is important.  One exercise Knittel did was to have participants say three phrases out lout, paying attention to the physiological responses to saying them.  “I need.”  “I want.”  “I desire.”  Each phrase seemed to resonate differently in people’s bodies, and in the ears of others.  She explained that coming from a place of want is a more attractive feeling than coming from a place of need.  Desire is more powerful still.

Another trick of linguistics is to eliminate the word “try” from discussions of intention.  “If you say ‘I’m essentialgoing to try’ that it is a warning that you are not going to do something.  If you say ‘try’ then you are mentally giving yourself an out,” Knittel said.

Sometimes people need help staying motivated, especially when facing a big challenge or making a big change in their life.  In cases like this Knittel recommends creating a “Board of Motivation.”  That’s where you pick five friends who you talk with in advance and ask them to be there to support you in a clear goal.  She said that it can be easy to burn out a friendship if you only have one confidant, but by having a board people can feel well-supported and have multiple outlets to vent.

When Knittel was starting her business, which ultimately evolved into Tangerine Road, she faced criticism from some family and friends.  But by focusing on motivation and intention she was able to succeed, and ultimately help others do the same.

To learn more about classes at the Ferndale Career Center visit http://www.ferndaleschools.org/fcc/workshops.html.

For more on Jodi Knittel and her work, visit http://tangerineroad.net/.

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