Ferndale Voters Could Decide on Pot DecriminalizationStreet Eatzz Ad

(Crystal Proxmire, July 29, 2913)

The Compassion Chronicles and Fox 2 News are reporting that a petition circulating in Ferndale would put the issue of marijuana decriminalization on the ballot in November.  Compassion Chronicles writer Rick Thompson wrote “[Andrew] Cissell reported needing 364 signatures to get the decriminalization issue before Ferndale voters. Between himself, his brother Evan and a few volunteers they have almost 600 to turn in on Tuesday. “I’m trying to promote democracy,” Cissell said. “Really, there are so many more important issues for us to deal with.”

According to the article, Ferndale and Jackson are both likely to have the issue of pot decriminalization up for public vote in November.  The Ferndale 115 News will update this story as more information is available.

JudyPalmer01For more information visit http://www.thecompassionchronicles.com/2013/07/26/petitions-being-submitted-in-2-cities-for-marijuana-decriminalization-vote/

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