9 and Hilton Closed Due to Oversize Load Truck Problemctechad

(C. Proxmire, April 30, 2013)

The intersection of 9 and Hilton was closed for several hours on April 30 when an oversize load truck bottomed out and the cab became detached as it traveled South on Hilton.  The truck had not made it far from it’s starting point at Universal Press and Machinery at 955 Hilton.  State Police and Ferndale Police were on the scene, blocking traffic as tow trucks came in to assist. Once able to move, the truck turned around and was escorted by police back to the shop, where a State Police officer remained on scene inspecting the trailer.  The oversize cargo was covered by a tarp, but appeared to be a large piece of equipment or metal fixture of some kind.  Traffic was routed through the parking lots of the businesses at times when it was not stopped completely.  The intersection re-opened at about 1:30pm.

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