Have You Noticed The StoreFront Gallery on Marshall

John teamed up with several friends and people he’d only met online to curate the “Your Instagram” exhibit. For this he chose 24 Instagram photos and put them in frames to sell. He also put together a projection show to play on the wall. Your Instagram is a two-day showing that can still be seen on Sat. Feb.16 from 3-9pm.

Vagrants and Valentine also took a corner at the show to display found art jewelry and and one-of-a kind fashion items

Public Concern Over Parking Rates and Machines Grows

The rates and the central payment stations were approved by City Council on Jan. 14, with no public comment or objection. Problems arose at the stations, including long lines, bill jams, poor lighting, machines not accepting change nor giving change, and other general confusion. At the Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 18, one person came out to complain. But outside the public meetings, there has been online buzz and multiple complaints by people at the stations themselves or when they go into the Downtown businesses.

City Officials Discuss 2013 Goals

In the weeks leading up to the session, City Manager April Lynch gathered ideas from residents, staff from all departments, the Mayor and City Council members and compiled them into a 45 page document for Council’s review.

They then sat for several hours going through ideas category by category, discussing them and putting them in order of priority. Afterwards they put stickers up on posters that had goals listed. Here are some of the items discussed:

Flash Mob Ushers in Ferndale Reads (video)

Dozens of Ferndale residents began congregating around the stage of the Rust Belt Market at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon as other shopper milled about, unaware of the spectacle they were about to witness.

Suddenly those in the know whipped out copies of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse 5 and began to read in-sync the first couple of pages. Others watched and then picked up free copies of the book themselves.

Roe v Wade and the Road Ahead for Women’s Health Rights (video)

Oakland County Clerk and former Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown also spoke at the event, discussing the recent wave of anti-women legislation in Michigan, including HB5711 which put severe limitations on abortion clinics. She explained how no women had been allowed to testify at the committee hearing where the bill was discussed, and how she was banned from speaking for a day because she used the word “vagina” when talking about it.

DDA Addresses Parking Problems

Changes to the parking system have been creating confusion and frustration throughout Ferndale’s parking lots. The new central pay stations went live last week, leaving some visitors literally out in the cold as people waited in line to figure out how to use the multi-space kiosks. The new machines come along with higher parking rates, further upsetting visitors are used to putting a quarter in at their respective space and walking away.

TIA Membership Renewed: What They Do For You

At the Jan. 14, 2013 City Council meeting, elected officials voted to renew membership in the Traffic Improvement Association with dues of $5,900 for the year. The renewal came highly recommend by the Police and the Department of Public Works, though the public may not realize what the organization does for the City.

TIA Executive Director Jim Santilli came to the meeting…

Citizens for Fair Ferndale Seek Good Neighbor Award Nominees

Please join Citizens for a Fair Ferndale in celebrating the ongoing efforts of those who live, work and attend school in Ferndale who value the fair and equal treatment of others and are engaged in making this happen on a daily basis. The Good Neighbor Awards program identifies and honors individuals, organizations and businesses in our community who are outstanding examples of “good neighbors,”

2013 Rib Burn Off Rocks the Big Tent (video)

The Annual Rib Burn Off took place Feb. 2 with well over 1,000 people making their way to the big heated tent set up behind Dino’s Lounge. The event raised money for Ferndale Youth Assistance and Michigan AIDS Coalition. Eight teams of local business people competed for the hearts and taste buds of the crowd, serving up their own style of meaty BBQ ribs. Attendees paid $10 to sample ribs from each team, and voted for their favorite

Ferndale Schools Move Ahead with Strategic Planning

Stakeholders included administration, school board members past and present, teachers, parents and others in the community.

“We’ve found that there are four central themes that came up over and over,” Fleetham said. Those topics, which are now the focus of the planning moving forward, are enrollment, race, trust and collaboration and achievement gaps between student groups.