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Career Center Class Teaches Job Seekers to Find Bliss

Career Center Class Teaches Job Seekers to Find Bliss

(C. Proxmire, The Ferndale 115 News, Aug. 2, 2012)

Do you have a Blissness Plan?  Ferndale resident Teri Williams, aka the Bliss Lady, thinks everyone can have a more fulfilling life if they make happiness a priority.

Williams spoke at a Ferndale Career Center class on July 25, 2012 that was geared toward helping job-seekers have more tools for success.  She shared her own struggles and how she came to start her own Bliss-based business.  Plus she gave attendees twelve Bliss Tips to help them along their path.

“Everything I do is geared toward my own personal bliss” Williams said.

The first Bliss Tip is to have gratitude.  “When we live in a place of gratitude it changes everything,” Williams said.  “Ten years ago I had a house fire and I lost almost everything. We were lucky to get out alive.”

She had two kids at the time, and they had to live at a hotel after their home was destroyed.  “People started to give us things that we needed… The love we felt was overwhelming and I woke up every day saying ‘thank you.’”

She suggested that people take time every day to write down three things they are grateful for.

Another Bliss Tip is to be positive. At one point Williams had lost her job and it caused extra stress on herself and her family. “I decided to test myself.  Think about what you have or don’t have and think about if you are critical or complimentary.

‘When you’re looking for work, think positive.  What do you have that you can do?  How can you make money?  Be open to suggestions.  Ask people ‘What do you think I would be good at?’”

She added, “Speaking from the heart, when I was looking for a job I would get down on myself.  If somebody told me ten years ago I would be on the radio, I would have thought they were crazy.”

She said being positive is a habit that we build about how we talk to ourselves.  “Speak to no one about what displeases you, even yourself,” she said.

Another crucial factor in a blissful life is not to “co-sign the crap.”  That means when others come to her with negativity, drama or petty complaints she refuses to take part.

Other tips include being present in the moment, turning off the cell phone at times and even learning to mediate.

Bliss Tip number seven is giving back, meaning that life is more rewarding if you are generous with others and giving to charity, either of time or of money.  Number nine is to let go and forgive.

The Blissness Plan is a free guide to one’s “lifelong plan for your bliss,” and the entire 12 steps can be gotten at  Plus there are multiple other resources, like workshop information, William’s show on Empower Radio, and other inspirational ideas, quotes and stories.

William’s workshop at the Ferndale Career Center touched on only a few of the dozen tools for bliss, but participants were encouraged to find out more online.  The Ferndale Career Center offers many classes for job-seekers and entrepreneurs, with a regular calendar available on their website at

Read about previous classes in our stories below:  (Career Center Teaches Timeline)

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