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2012 County Commission: Craig Covey

Candidates for local offices are invited to have questionnaires on The Ferndale 115 News.  If you are running for office and would like to be included, please contact  Check out our Voter Info Page for info on all participating candidates.

Name:  Craig Covey

Party: Democrat


Occupation: Oakland County Commission, Consultant, public relations, charitable fundraising

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Political Science, The Ohio State University, Columbus

Previous and/or current elected positions:  Oakland County Commissioner 2012-present

Mayor, City of Ferndale  2007-2010

Ferndale Councilman 1999-2007

Community involvement: Co-Founder, past President, Ferndale Community Foundation

Board Chair, Ferndale Youth Assistance, Board member 11 years

Founder, Co-Chair 12 years, Ferndale Blues & Music Festival

Co-Founder, Commission Member Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission.

Founding Board Member, Citizens for Fair Ferndale

Special Event Fundraising Chair, Hazel Park Promise

Founder, Past Exec. Director, Michigan AIDS Coalition

Executive Director, Mich. Org. for Human Rights, 1985-1987

Founder, Chair  Ferndale School District 9/11 First Anniversary

Rembrance Ceremony 2002

Member Ferndale Area Democratic Club, Board Secretary

Founder, Co-Chair Annual Ferndale Pub Crawl 1996-2012

Why do you want to be on the County Commission?

I have been able to provide leadership in elected office over the past 13 years that has made many big positive impacts on our way of life in Southeast Oakland County.  From helping transform Downtown Ferndale from a nearly empty silent canyon to the vibrant, progressive, and thriving place it is today, with complete streets, walkable neighborhoods, acceptance and harmony among its diverse residents,  to gaining a reputation for leading the area on green policies, to caring about the citizens and being visible and accessible, I wish to continue to achieve success and show the rest of the region the new smart ways we can make things better.

Why should people vote for you?

I have always been accessible, visible, and communicative.  Voters and residents know who I am, know that I have been open and honest and successful for the past 20 years here in the county.  From helping open the Senior Community Center, to passing labor and worker supportive laws, to advocating for tougher positions on violent crime against our residents, my history shows action and progress.

What do you think are the top responsibilities of the County Commission?

It should be to show leadership across the broad landscape of civic and political life within our district and the county.  We assist cities and townships with experience and advice, represent our residents in county affairs, manage the county budget, and influence the quality of life for all people in our region, always striving for improvements for the people.

As a previously elected County Commissioner, what are you most proud of?

As a freshman Commissioner, I was able to take a leadership role with the Democratic members and with collaboration from transit experts and area cities, got passed the first “Complete Streets” resolution for all future road building and repair to include all  modes of transportation accommodating  walkability, bicycles, differently abled accessibility, and mass transit, as well as for cars and trucks.  This was done by also getting Republican support, which was not expected.  This was a groundbreaking change for the better in our county and surprised many people.

If you could pass three resolutions, what would they be

1)        Our commission would reject the partisan gerrymandered districting, and return to the original, bi-partisan method of drawing commission lines and put a fair

map in  place to honestly represent the people of Oakland County.

2)        We would pass a resolution that focuses our resources where the great populations and needs are, in the urban and suburban areas of the county, in the southeastern sections of Oakland County.  We would finally support public transit, and  put a halt to the terrible wasteful and unsustainable support for the growth of sprawl. Needs are great in Hazel Park, and the Charter Township of Royal Oak, and cities such as Oak Park.  These are neglected while the county maintains helicopters and builds golf courses in the northern far reaches of the north.

3)      I would pass a  resolution that could order the sheriff and the county prosecutor to focus resources on real crime, including violent crime, domestic abuse, property crimes such as home invasions and car theft, and stop wasting valuable resources on hounding physicians, caregivers, and patients attempting to follow the medical marijuana laws that the voters so overwhelmingly enacted.  The Republican Sheriff and the Democratic Prosecutor both refuse to follow best practices, leave the 1970’s failed and expensive policies, and understand they work for the voters, not the other way around.

Anything else readers should know about you?

I helped lead the effort to fight the partisan power grab by the state and county Republicans this past year, and the irony now is that I may lose my ability to affect change any longer by possibly losing my seat to another Democrat.   These local August primary elections often only attract a tiny portion of voters.  I ask everyone to vote August 7th if you care about   a more prosperous future and better quality of life and vote for the candidate who doesn’t just say the words, but can show the accomplishments on the issues that you care about.

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