Scouts Collect Food for Gleaners

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 11/16/2011)

Boy Scouts Troop 1542 and Cub Scouts Pack 1221 spent Sunday, Oct. 13, 2011 collecting food for the Gleaners Food Bank.  The boys collected over 700 bags of groceries which filled a pickup truck and trailer.  This is 250 bags less than last year, but still quite a bit of work for the youngsters.

“I have been involved in scouting for about 10 years and we have done it each and every year. I know that it has been going on long before that,” said Barb Marohn-Landry who volunteers with the scouting groups which are organized through Drayton Ave. Presbyterian Church (2441 Pinecrest). “This event is the most rewarding community service project that we do as a group. Not only teaching the kids the pay it forward philosophy but understanding that the food they help collect helps other of their classmates and families.”

“This food drive took two different stages. Last week the boys and families passed out bags and flyers to each home in Pleasant Ridge and 80% of Ferndale (Hilton to Republic – less NW corner and SW corner). It was about 6000 homes. We had about 50 people (scouts and family do that). Then yesterday, we all met to pick up all the food. That was done by about 30 scouts and families,” Marohn-Landry said.

To learn more about Drayton Avenue Presbyterian and the programs they offer, go to http://www.draytonavenue.org.