Police End Chase up Woodward with Spike Strip for Fleeing Pickup

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 11/8/2011)

At approximately 8 pm on November 8, 2011, Ferndale Police stepped in to help Detroit Police who were in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle on Woodward Avenue going Northbound.  Witnesses called it a “high-speed chase.”

Ferndale Police rushed to the intersection of 9 Mile and Woodward with three police cars to block other traffic and to lay the spike strip, which punctured the fleeing pickup truck’s four tires.

The truck, a dark gray or black Dodge Ram pickup, continued on for about half a mile, finally stopping near the Hertz car rental dealership at Woodward and E. Oakridge.  Several Detroit Police officers were in pursuit, and they joined the Ferndale Police in surrounding the vehicle and taking the driver into custody.  The truck, stopped on E. Oakridge, was then searched by police.

Police on the scene said they were unable to comment as to why Detroit police were chasing the vehicle.  There did not appear to be any injuries at the scene of arrest. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Detective Sgt. Patrick Jones issued the following press release regarding the chase:

On Tuesday November 8, 2011 at approx 2000 hrs, dispatch advised FPD officers that the Detroit Police Department was in pursuit of a vehicle N/B on Woodward Ave approaching 8 Mile Rd.  Information at the time was that the vehicle was possible stolen.

Ferndale officers proceeded to E/B 9 Mile and N/B Woodward to block traffic while another Ferndale officer deployed stop sticks on Woodward near Nine Mile.  The suspect vehicle (a 2006 Dodge Ram) ran over the sticks and continued N/B on Woodward.

FPD officers assisted a DPD unit pursuing the vehicle NB Woodward from Nine Mile Road.  Police officers continued to pursue the vehicle N/B at approximately 70 – 80mph in a posted 35mph zone.  The suspect vehicle began to pull over at E. Oakridge with the tires of the Dodge Ram flattened by the Stop-Stix. Ferndale and DPD officers ordered the occupants out of the suspect vehicle.  FPD officers placed the 40 year old Royal Oak driver into custody and turned him over to the custody of DPD officers . The passenger, 46 of Beverly Hills, was also taken into custody by DPD.

DPD advised FPD that that the driver had tried to strike one of their officers with the pick-up truck and fled from them.  The vehicle ultimately fled from officers as they tried to stop it several miles from the Ferndale border.  DPD contacted their tow company and towed the vehicle from the scene. The vehicle was reported as stolen as of the time of the incident.


D/Sgt. Patrick Jones

Ferndale Police Department