Election Results are In

(C. Proxmire, 11/8/2011)

The election results are in for Ferndale City Council and Library Board.  Incumbent Dave Coulter won the Mayor’s race with 84.17% of the vote.  Dan Martin had the most votes for City Council, with incumbent Mike Lennon receiving the next most.  Both of them will serve on Ferndale City Council.  Ray Willis, who ran for Mayor, was not elected.  Nor was Sherry Wells, who ran for City Council.

There were several uncontested Library Board elections, without any surprises in the results.  Judeen Bartos,  Monique Herzig, Tiffani Gagne, John Sterritt and Jim O’Donnell were all elected.

Below are the election totals, which can also be viewed at the Oakland County website at http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/MI/Oakland/35376/49866/en/summary.html.


Dave Coulter 1819 votes (84.17%)

Ray Willis 326 (15.09%)

Write-in 16 (15.09%)


Dan Martin 1506 (38.15%)

Mike Lennon 1393 (35.28%)

Sherry Wells 1037 (26.27%)

Write In 12 (.30%)

Kim Eberhard was one of the 2161 people who voted.  When asked why she gave the same answer that many Americans give, “A lot of people sacrificed their lives so we could vote, so it’s important we participate in the democratic process.”

To learn more about any of these elected officials, information can be found on our election page.