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Ferndalian of the Year Nominations Revealed

Ferndalian of the Year Nominations Revealed

(FERNDALE VIEWS complied by, Crystal A. Proxmire, 1/9/2011)

At the end of 2010 we asked those of us who follow The Ferndale 115 News on Facebook and Twitter to give their suggestions for Ferndalian of the Year.

#1 Ann Heler

Ann Heler got a bunch of them, so we wanted to find out more about this energetic lady who is known all around town for her advocacy and creation of The Fern Care Free Clinic.  Heler has accomplished a lot in her life so far, and it was truly inspirational being able to interview her about her pre-Fern Care days.  She has been a voice for others her entire life, from being a hard working single mom trying to raise her kids right, to an advocate for equal rights and diversity, to a person who cares about clients who may be a challenge at times.  Her story is a good one, read it here:

#2 Craig Covey

Craig Covey had several nominations.  For those who don’t know he was the Mayor who left his post on Jan 3 to become County Commissioner.

“Craig Covey gets my vote.  He’s spearheaded numerous things to improve the quality of life in Ferndale.  I think he’s a truly civic-minded person,” said resident, and treasured librarian Ed Burns.  Another said “Mayor-soon-to-be-Commissioner Craig Covey for everything he’s done to bring Ferndalians together to make Ferndale such a cool place to live.”

Covey loves the press, and he’s been in The Ferndale 115 News more than a few times in the past couple of years.  Here is a recent article about his departure from City Council –

#3 Me (Crystal A. Proxmire)

I got a few votes, but that’s not what I wanted.  Although why not?  I’ve been working on perfecting a model for online news since 2005 and making newspapers and magazines since I was six.  A lot of time, practice, patience and sacrificing has gone into this project.  And I’m still not making a living at doing this.  But experiencing life and writing about it is important to me.  As is encouraging other people to be themselves and share what they know with each other.  Plus I really believe that The One-Fifteen is good for Ferndale. Since we launched on June 1, 2009 we have grown to over 2,000 unique IP addresses visiting the site each month, and we’ve gone from twice-monthly publication to near daily.  And we are still the only locally-owned Ferndale news site available (don’t be fooled by big corporate imitations!)  It’s going to take  a lot of community support for The Ferndale 115 News to continue to succeed and grow.  So why not let my passion for what I am doing show?  Thanks everyone who said me.  Now seriously, let’s get on with the real nominations…

Most Honorable Mention –

Paul Levendoski said “Me and all the Ferndalians that fell on tough times and stuck it out, or still going through them.”  Rock on Paul!  We are all in this together.   This is a unique place, and you’re a great guy for staying!  Here’s a story we did for all the people who could use some outside help:

Another Ferndalian who has helped the cause of the needy was recommended.  “Heather Coleman-Voss of the Ferndale Career Center who moved to town this year. She’s a marvelous motivator helping folks in employment transition,” said Alex Hardesty, who was in this article that was also shared with The Oakland Press  Sheri Galens said “I like Heather as well, and Ron Marshall!”  Marshall is another Ferndale Career Center employee, who recently organized this Blogging for Business seminar:

Other Nominations –

“I nominate Monica Mills – she does so much in this community to help raise funds for those in need and is able to rally many volunteers to assist her.  While this is her position with MAC, she works hard to include other organizations as well.  And her and Larry are the creators of the Prohibition celebration which raises thousands every year for the Goodfellows.  Monica is a very energetic, caring, understanding and funny lady and I believe she should be the Ferndalian of the year!” ~Tiffani Gagne

“Dean Back from Dinos! He has been doing some amazing things for his business, his consumers and more.” ~Sheri Galens.  Here’s one of the articles we’ve done on Dino’s –

“Mr. And Mrs. Garden Fresh (Jack and Annette Aronson) themselves. They are expanding their business yet again to bring more jobs to Ferndale! He is an awesome caring employer. He and his Family do for so many. His wife and sister spent Thanksgiving 09 @ Ronald McDonald House serving families. Himself as well as his Family are great people whom I am grateful to have met and am grateful to their employee’s who help my business by their shopping in our City”  ~Michelle Walker, owner of 711 at 9 Mile and Hilton.  Paul Levendoski agreed “I have know Jack and Annette since I lived in Ferndale I send a nomination to them also.”

“AJ FROM AJ’S CAFE!” ~Hollister Tyler

“Great people that have helped Ferndale with their business.” ~Lenny Lenaway of Lenny’s Copy Center.

“Frank from Chazzano.” ~Emily Murray.  Read our profile about Chazzano Coffee here:  Emily Murray happens to have a profile in The Ferndale 115 also, as part owner of No Pins Required:

“I would also nominate Melanie Piana who has joined council and hit the ground running and made an immediate impact with our Complete Streets ordinance.  “Complete Streets” has the potential to remake how we think about our downtown, transportation and parking in Ferndale.” ~Scott Galloway (For more on Complete Streets see:

“Douglas Christie.” ~Michelle Foster.  Christie works with the Sierra Club organizing the Green Cruise each year:

“Michelle Foster, for starting the Ferndale Time Bank.” ~Deanne Iovan.  To read about the Time Bank see our special section:

“You should give it to longest resident of Ferndale I know my Family has lived in Ferndale since 1948 Mrs. Lucille Lindsay she still lives on Farmdale and proud of it. I don’t know any more that have been there longer.” ~Jan Lindsay Louis

“Virgina Saxton. For checking on Jeanie Davis on a daily basis.” ~Julia Music.  Saxton and Davis are good friends who are highly involved with The Ferndale Seniors.  Read more about their mischief in our Seniors section:

“Too many good one’s to choose from so here’s 3: AJ from AJ’s Cafe, Lenny Lenaway from Lenny’s or Sam from Vega’s Market!” ~Deborah Willett

“Me.”  ~Juston Mansfield. No further explanation given.


Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions, and to everyone in Ferndale that has supported The Ferndale 115 News since we started in June 2009!  Hope to do this up even bigger next year!

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