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Jennifer’s Easy Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe

March 12th 2011

Jennifer is one of the friendly clerks in the Meat Department at Western Market. Ask her anytime about how to cook the meats and fish you purchase! This week Jennifer and her family enjoyed a delicious traditional Irish feast – first of Corned Beef with Cabbage, then Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers.

Editorial and Update on Western Market Accident

February 9th 2011

On Friday a horrific accident left a co-worker severely injured. I have been in the unfortunate position of being on both ends of the story – torn between wanting to share the story and also having to read and deal with the many inaccurate accounts of what happened and trying to correct wrongs that the media is doing to this poor family and my work family.

Regarding the Injured Employee at Western Market

February 5th 2011

At approximately 9am on Feb. 4 an employee at Western Market was severely injured when her arms became trapped in a cardboard baler. The employee is alive and has undergone surgery that may save her badly damaged arms. The injured woman has asked for her privacy in this matter, although other media outlets have written about it

Best Wines of 2010

December 28th 2010

This has been a fun and interesting year for wine. We’ve been able to hone our selection even further, sussing out good deals where there were thought to be none, fighting to get products desired but not previously available in Michigan brought in, and most importantly of all, helping the customers at Western Market find real wine that they can connect with.

Cooking for Health is Her Bag

November 1st 2010

Ferndale resident Gail Wyckhouse bounces around at her cooking classes like a butter in a mixer. She’s lean and full of energy, clear-headed and organized – all characteristics that she attributes to healthy eating and healthy living.

A Last Taste of Summer: Strawberry and Goat Cheese Chicken

September 17th 2010

…In the meantime, try this strawberry and goat cheese chicken recipe. It’s an unusual, but amazing dish that is hearty enough for the cooling fall weather, yet still reminds the tastebuds of the sweetness of summer fruits. …(read more)