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Election Analysis: Rejected Absentee Ballots, & How to Prevent Them in November

September 11th 2020

Oakland County had a slightly higher rejection rate of 1.7 percent of their total 261,890 absentee ballots.

2020 Candidate Interview: Kristy Schlak for Hazel Park School Board

September 10th 2020

In the race for Hazel Park School Board there are eight candidates running for four seats. The positions have a four year term.

2020 Candidate Interview: Sherry Wells for State Rep. 27th District

September 6th 2020

In the race for State Representative of the 27th District, the candidates are: Democrat Regina Weiss, Republican Elizabeth Goss, Libertarian Gregory Stempfle, and Green Party candidate Sherry Wells.

Election Analysis: A Look at Absentee Ballots Across Oakland County Cities

August 31st 2020

Over two-thirds (77.0 percent) of the requested ballots were returned, and these returned ballots represented 70.8 percent of the total votes cast.

2020 Candidate Interview: Rita Irwin for Waterford Twp Treasurer

May 4th 2020

In the race for Waterford Township Treasurer there is a primary on the Republican side, with Rita Irwin and Steve Thomas vying for the seat.

Aug. 21 – Presentation on Ranked Choice Voting/Instant Runoff Voting

August 1st 2019

What it is, how it works for democracy, and when we’ll get to use it.

Voter Turnout by City/Twp in Oakland County 2018 Election

November 7th 2018

Voter Turnout by City/Twp in Oakland County 2018 Election (Kurt Metzger, Crystal Proxmire, Nov. 7, 2018) Oakland County, MI- Oakland County voters came out yesterday in record numbers for a Midterm Election.  The overall turnout percentage of 64.2 percent of all registered voters, compares to 48.0 percent in 2014 and 51.4 percent in 2010.  Turnout […]

Did Your Absentee Ballot Count? Here’s How to Make Sure

October 17th 2018

  Did Your Absentee Ballot Count?  Here’s How to Make Sure (Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 17, 2018) Oakland County, MI- Record numbers of absentee ballots are being sent out for the Nov. 6 election, but there are a couple of concerns among clerks and voters. The first is that many people don’t realize that the […]

2018 Candidate Interview: Nicole Edwards for Holly Village Council President

October 13th 2018

2018 Candidate Interview: Nicole Edwards for Holly Village Council President (Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 13, 2018) Holly, MI- Nicole Edwards is running for Holly Village Council President. There are three candidates on the ballot for this position: Nicole Edwards, John Lauve, and Thomas McKenney. This is a non-partisan position with a two year term. Check […]

Nov 2017 Voter Turnout Across Oakland County

November 8th 2017

November 7 Election Turnout Across Oakland County (Kurt Metzger, Pleasant Ridge Reelected Mayor, Nov. 8, 2017) Pleasant Ridge, MI – It has become tradition that Crystal Proxmire and I review voter turnout rates after each election.  While yesterday’s election was considered an off-year election (odd numbered years), the fact that many communities were voting on […]