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Ferndale TimeBank Update

September 9th 2011

I would encourage anyone who is interested in either the DIY Street Fair or joining the Ferndale Time Bank to look into volunteering during the event.

DNA Gears up for 3rd Meeting, Learning About TimeBank

March 10th 2011

There is no cost for being part of DNA. And though Wells envisions it as a group for people in the Downtown Area, everyone is welcome. To be added to the contact list for DNA, email Sherry Wells at or call 248-543-5297.

Three Residents to be Interviewed for Mayor Position

January 16th 2011

At the council meeting of Jan. 10, 2011, the Ferndale City Council considered the applications of twelve individuals and selected three to interview for the position of Mayor, which is open since former Mayor Craig Covey became elected to County Commission and had to resign the post.

A TimeBank Tale, with upcoming events!

January 14th 2011

The Ferndale TimeBank is all about people coming together in the community to help each out. Less than a year after the service-swapping group formed, they are up to over 30 members who routinely take advantage of being able to do tasks that others need help with.

Resources for the Struggling in Ferndale

December 25th 2010

Ferndale is a town well-known for its numerous community groups and nonprofits. But for those who are struggling to make ends meet in this tough economy, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. Here are some of the resources available in the city for those in need. If you know of more we can add to the list, please e mail us at

Trading Time with Ferndale TimeBank

September 24th 2010

The Ferndale TimeBank has been busy signing up new members and banking hours that can be traded for some exciting new offers for services! Monthly meetings continue, and a Lunch and Learn session is planned for November 20th. (read more)

Old Stories Notice

January 1st 1901

In 2011 the oc115 went through an upgrade and not all stories have been integrated into the new site. Someday we hope to do this, but in the meantime if you are looking for something specific please contact with your inquiry.  Thanks!