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Reporter Food: Egg Salad Sandwich from Bread Basket in Oak Park

August 6th 2016

Reporter Food: Egg Salad Sandwich from Bread Basket in Oak Park (Crystal A. Proxmire, Aug. 6, 2016) Oak Park, MI –   As I travel Oakland County in search of news, I also like to let my taste buds explore.  Recently I had a craving for an egg salad sandwich, so I asked oc115 readers on […]

Reporter Food: Avon Donuts

January 3rd 2016

Reporter Food: Avon Donuts (Crystal A. Proxmire, Jan. 3, 2016) Pontiac, MI – Ah.  Donuts.  There is no more perfect food for when I have to wake up early to go to a meeting of some sort.  Convenient, cheap, a burst of sugary energy, and easy to eat in the car – what more could […]

It’s Taste of Ferndale Time – Feb 21

February 1st 2012

Whether you want to support local charities, or enjoy some good food, Taste of Ferndale is a good choice according to Pawlica. “Ferndale is just as diverse in our food choices as we are in the people who live and work in the city. This event allows people to discover restaurants they may have never heard of before and be reintroduced to some favorites they may not have visited in a while.”

Best Wines of 2010

December 28th 2010

This has been a fun and interesting year for wine. We’ve been able to hone our selection even further, sussing out good deals where there were thought to be none, fighting to get products desired but not previously available in Michigan brought in, and most importantly of all, helping the customers at Western Market find real wine that they can connect with.