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Suspect Injured by 15 Foot Fall in Ferndale

July 10th 2018

Suspect Injured by 15 Foot Fall in Ferndale (Ferndale Police, July 10, 2018) Ferndale, MI -On the morning of July 10, 2018, a 44-year-old male resident of Sterling Heights entered a home on the 100 block of Spencer in Ferndale. The home’s female resident had previously obtained a personal protection order against this subject due […]

Police Report: Taser Used to Prevent Suicide

September 27th 2011

Officers arrived in the area and encountered the 52 year old man on Silman St. near Wanda. The man was sharpening the knife blade on the sidewalk. When an officer approached, the man faced the officer and refused to drop the knife…

Scuffle as Man Attempts to Take Police Officer’s Gun

June 24th 2011

…As the officer was attempting to gain control of the suspect the suspect grabbed the officer by the shirt and then attempted to disarm the officer’s holstered handgun by attempting to pull the handgun from the officer’s holster. The officer’s belt and holster were turned 90 degrees to the front of the officer from the hip area of the officer….