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“The Snowy Day” Turns Heritage Park into a Storybook Trail

January 12th 2021

The new Storybook Trail at Heritage Park combines the joy of a walk in the woods, with a story that families can read along the way.

Oak Park Sparkles with Winterfest

February 1st 2015

Oak Park Sparkles with Winterfest (C.Proxmire, Feb. 1, 2015) The freezing January temperatures did not deter the people of Oak Park from putting on a Winterfest event that warmed the hearts of the families that attended. Outside the ice sculptures held their form, and animals in the petting zoo got plenty of love to keep […]

Sledding at Martin Road Hill

December 27th 2012

Sledding at Martin Road Hill is a time-honored tradition in Ferndale, enjoyable by children and adults. The snow and sunshine made for a perfect sledding day on Dec. 27, with many kids home on vacation from school.

Our Sledding Story

January 21st 2012

On January 21, 2012, Ferndale had it’s first beautiful sunny day with snow on the ground this year. Neighbors came together at the hill at Martin Road Park for some good old fashioned sledding. Here are some pictures.