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Online Meetings, Treatment Options, Help Michiganders Stay Sober

April 17th 2020

“Anxiety and stress are really high right now. If you are in your recovery walk, know that there are [other] people who are struggling.”

Nick’s Fit Tips: Creating Happy Habits

December 15th 2015

Nick’s Fit Tips: Creating Happy Habits (Guest View by Nick Webber, Dec. 15, 2015) How do we get healthy? Well, with all of the current buzz about what it really takes to be fit, have the body you want, what foods you need to eat, what exercises you should be doing, it’s hard to filter […]

Local Magic Love: Facing Fear is Scary

September 15th 2015

Local Magic Love:  Facing Fear is Scary (Guest View by Patty Shaw, Coventry Creations and Candle Wick Shoppe, Sept. 15, 2015) I guess that’s a no brainer, but still, when you face a fear you don’t really know till it’s all said and done if it was a good idea.  There is something magical about […]