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SOCRRA Communities Get Mixed Recycling, New Bins on the Way

June 5th 2017

SOCRRA Communities Get Mixed Recycling, New Bins on the Way (SOCRRA, June 5, 2017) Troy, MI – Recycling is about to get a lot easier for residents in SOCCRA communities. This summer SOCRRA will deliver a 65 gallon recycling cart to every single family household in its member communities.  And because SOCRRA is converting to […]

Ferndale Green Cruise is Aug. 13

August 1st 2016

Ferndale Green Cruise is Aug. 13 (Event Page) Ferndale, MI –  The 2016 Annual Sierra Club Green Cruise will occur this year on Saturday August 13 with bike rides, a street fair, and the grand parade of walkers, skaters, bicyclists, and others using non-motorized transportation.  Begun in 2006 as a green reaction and counter event […]

Environmental Impact of the Holidays

December 30th 2015

Environmental Impact of the Holidays (SOCRRA press release, Dec. 30, 2015) The holiday season is another time of year to consider the three R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle. Consider these stats as you enjoy the season and commit to waste reduction and recycling this year as part of your celebration…. Approximately 1.5 billion cards are sent […]

Ferndale Business Recycling Grows as New Year Begins

January 2nd 2012

The new year is off to a great start recycling-wise as SOCRRA (Southeast Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority) is working with a record number of Ferndale businesses and increasing revenue brought into the City through recycling programs.

Colette Farris spent the last two months of 2011 amping up efforts to reach the business community.

FESC’s Green Tips for December

December 14th 2011

Former Ferndale Mayor and current County Commissioner Craig Covey delivered the Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission’s (FESC) Green Tips to the public and City Council on Dec. 12, 2011.

Recycling 101: How to Save the City Money & Help the Planet Too

November 12th 2011

Because raw materials have scarcity, there is value to items that are recyclable. Manufacturers need plastic, metal, glass and paper, so SOCRRA is able to collect these items and sell them. Currently for every ton of recyclables collected, cities in the program get $37.50. If more people recycled, it could earn the City up to $50,000, according to SOCRRA estimates.

Recycling 101 this Green Tuesday

November 7th 2011

and just how much recycling can affect the bottom line.

The Recycling 101 Workshop is from 6:30pm-8pm at the Ferndale Public Library (222 E. 9 Mile). Green Tuesdays are a monthly workshop series put on by the FESC to encouraging environmental education in the community. Check them out on Facebook to keep up with the latest, or browse through our Green News page to find stories about some of their past activities.