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Resources for Free or Low Cost Mental Health Counseling

May 18th 2017

Resources for Adults Seeking Counseling (Nan Kerr-Mueller, orig. Dec 2016) Oakland County, MI – Last month I started a quest to find some counseling help for a young adult in my life. They did not currently have health insurance and were having trouble finding someone that would see them. I started with Easter Seals as […]

Local Magic Love: Can you handle the truth?

December 1st 2015

Local Magic Love: Can you handle the truth? (Guest View by Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations and Candle Wick Shoppe, Dec. 1, 2015) “Often, we know the truth but do not want to see it.” Truth is a very sticky subject, because it is so subjective.  There is your truth, their truth and the universal truth, […]

CERT Tackles Disaster Psychology, Closer to Full Certification

July 22nd 2012

Over 50 residents have stepped forward to join the team, which is just two more lessons away from the first round of certifications.

On July 21 fourteen of them met at the fire station on Livernois to learn about disaster psychology.