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Councilperson Lennon Catches Shoplifter at Dollar Castle

August 29th 2011

Councilperson Michael Lennon relied on his police officer instincts to help employees at Dollar Castle (200 W. 9 Mile) catch and detain a shoplifter.

A Little Off the Grid – Midwest Analytical Experiments…

July 24th 2011

Passing by his laboratory at 2905 Hilton it’s hard to miss the wind turbines, solar panels and tubes which are busily collecting energy to give O’Mara and his staff light and heat. The systems employed take care of…

Andrea Johns takes the Leash for Thursday’s Fido Does Ferndale

July 17th 2011

The proceeds from this year’s Fido Does Ferndale event will be used to install a doggie drinking fountain in Schiffer Park. For more information visit the Fido Does Ferndale Facebook Page.

What Can ELAvated Sundays Do?

July 16th 2011

…The next ELAvated Sunday will be at AJ’s Music Café MI (240 W 9 Mile Road) from 4pm-7pm on August 14, 2011.

Ferndale Adoption Network Grows with Family Potluck

July 16th 2011

…There are couples who have open adoptions where the birth mother is involved in the child’s life. There are those whose children come from overseas, and those from closer to home. There are families with same-sex parents, families with single parents and parents-to-be who are in various stages in the adoption process…

Bridge Project’s First Performance Packs Library

July 12th 2011

An unfortunate prediction for rain moved the Bridge Project’s first public performance of big band jazz inside from the Library’s courtyard, but that didn’t stop them from having a grand performance. It was standing room only as they introduced Ferndale to a side of big band they may have never seen before, with a focus on Michigan-made music.

Rev. Veska puts the Ferndale in First United

July 4th 2011

The church also reaches out through social media and maintains both a Facebook page and a website.

Veska also tries to raise the church’s community profile with special events such as an upcoming Blessing of the Bikes on July 17. Members and the public can bring motorcycles, bicycles, skate boards or “anything with wheels” to an outdoor service, weather permitting.

A Blessing of the Animals is also planned for August 14 as an outdoor service.

Ryan Dillaha Ready to Rock the Rust Belt (July 10)

July 3rd 2011

He’s shared the stage with local favorites like Chris Brantley, and Moe Hollis of the Howling Diablos. On Saturday, July 10 it will be Chris Degnore of Jill Jack and Tim Rios joining him at the Rust Belt Market to play from 3-5pm.

Update from Afghanistan

May 16th 2011

…An alert reader noticed the connection, and suggested that we continue to follow Petty Officer Caswell and his experiences as he travels the world.

We asked Caswell some questions to get started, but we would like to know what things you would like to know from someone who is serving overseas. Join the discussion…

Ferndale Teen Makes Pancakes for Peace

May 6th 2011

Knittel uses only Michigan made, real maple syrup to top his delicious flapjacks. For more information about the fundraiser, go to It takes place from 10am-1pm at Lola’s Salon at 23908 Woodward Ave. Pancakes are $1 each.