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Ferndale Firefighers Show W. Maplehurst a Good Time

September 27th 2011

Firefighters from the Ferndale Fire Department blocked off the street at Pinecrest for a neighborhood fire truck party. The party was purchased collectively by three families on the block, at a silent auction for Drayton Avenue Co-op Preschool.

Police Report: Man Bitten During Robbery

August 29th 2011

In the early morning hours on Sunday, 08/21/11, Ferndale Police responded to William Beaumont Hospital to meet with a man who was the victim of an armed robbery that occurred on Paxton / 9 Mile near the Credit Union 1.

Councilperson Lennon Catches Shoplifter at Dollar Castle

August 29th 2011

Councilperson Michael Lennon relied on his police officer instincts to help employees at Dollar Castle (200 W. 9 Mile) catch and detain a shoplifter.

City seeks CERT volunteers to help in emergencies

July 21st 2011

The Ferndale Fire Department is working on putting together a CERT Team to help in the event of natural disasters, downed power lines, and other emergency situations. The Citizens Emergency Response Team can also be used in other situations to help with injuries, searches, having a presence at events in case help is needed, and possibly training other residents about safety and emergency preparedness.

Firemen Get First Feel of New Truck

July 20th 2011

The training is another important element that must be completed before it can be feasibly used in an emergency. The department’s former ladder truck was built in the 1980s….

Power Outage Could Last Until Thursday Night

July 20th 2011

Power is out for over 5,000 area residents as heat and over-use has overloaded the electrical grid in the area. Outages have been reported in patches throughtout Metro Detroit, with areas along Woodward Ave. being most affected in our city. According to the DTE Website: “Based on crew availability, the number of customers out and current weather conditions, we anticipate that your power should be restored between Thu Jul 21 2011 09:30 PM , and Thu Jul 21 2011 11:30 PM. ”

19 Suspensions and 14 Convictions for Drunk Driver Caught Again

July 19th 2011

At about 12:30 a.m. a Ferndale officer arrested KEVIN GRAVES ( w/m, 31, Ferndale resident) for OWI 3rd. The officer observed Graves run a red light at Wanda/ Jarvis while driving a Chevrolet Cheyenne. The vehicle plate …

Robbery at 711

July 18th 2011

On 07/18/2011 at approximately 12:30 a.m. Ferndale officers responded to 1040 W 9 Mile (711) for an armed robbery. A man armed with a handgun entered the store and then victimized two women. When the clerk tried to run, he struck the her in the head with his gun. This knocked her to the ground and disabled her. The robber then threatened a woman customer at gunpoint and stole her purse.

Candles Cause Fire on Rosewood

July 12th 2011

The Ferndale Fire Department responded this morning at 3:20 am to a house fire
in the 1000 block of Rosewood. Upon arrival firefighters were met with flames
venting from the living room windows. The fire …

2010 Police Department Annual Report Released

July 12th 2011

The Ferndale Police have released their 2010 Annual Report. It was announced at the June 13, 2011 City Council meeting, and is now available online. In it you will find information about crime in the City, as well as budget, personnel, and historical information. The report also compares Ferndale crime to past years