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The Face of Detroit at Affirmations

October 1st 2011

Those stories were shared on Sept. 8, 2011 as Giffin’s collection “The Face of Detroit” opened at the Pittman-Puckett Gallery inside Affirmations (290 W. 9 Mile). A packed house enjoyed an alcohol-free evening and a short speech from Giffin about the message behind his work.

Social Media Headshots (March 30)

March 24th 2011

As part of their ongoing commitment to helping people have the resources they need to find work in a competitive marketplace, The Ferndale Career Center has teamed up with Aly Darin Photography to do a Free Social Media Headshot day. On March 30, 2011 from 2pm-4pm, Darin will spend 5-10 minutes with each participant, positioning them in front of a black or white background and getting the best shot. Within a week she will choose the best photo and e mail it to the participant so they can use it on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online accounts.

Understanding the Salton Sea

February 17th 2011

The Salton Sea, an ecologically troubled and culturally abandoned region in Southern California inspired Wheaton to work in color. From rust-red water, to orange and purple sunsets over murky gray-muck beaches crusted with white salt crystals, to the subtle brown and silver tones of rotting fish carcasses, her work reflects the beauty and tragedy of a place that humanity has forgotten.