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Petitioners Giving False Information to Thwart Parking Deck Plans

April 2nd 2017

Petitioners Giving False Information to Thwart Parking Deck Plans (Crystal A. Proxmire, April 1, 2017) Ferndale, MI –  Plans are in the design phase for a parking deck in Downtown Ferndale, but petitioners spreading false information could undermine the project. The plan is to build a 4 story mixed use structure that would take the […]

Guest View: Save the JCC in Oak Park

January 7th 2015

Guest View: Save the JCC in Oak Park (Guest View by Aaron Tobin, Jan. 7, 2015) Jewish Community Center is considering closing the Oak Park center. This has saddened many people in the area, who are rallying behind this important part of the community. A petition has been started for people to show support […]

A Ferndale Man’s Petition to End Referendum-Proof Legislation

March 23rd 2013

“How many more times will we get something from our legislature that we can’t undo?” That’s the main question posed by Ferndale resident Bill Lucas. Lucas has started a petition to amend the State Constitution by striking out language that allows legislation to be referendum-proof if there are appropriations attached.

Thirsty for Change: Could Oak Park’s Dry Days Be Numbered?

December 8th 2012

Oak Park is one of only four cities in Michigan that are do not permit the sale of liquor in a glass, three of which are in Oakland County according to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission’s Nov. 2012 report.

The Chicken Petition

May 12th 2011

Laura Mikulski’s crusade continues. On April 19 we brought you news of a young Ferndalian hoping to raise chickens in her backyard. …Now she is asking interested residents to sign an online petition asking for a change in the ordinance which would allow coops to be built near homes. (….

Noise Petition Falls Short of Signatures

September 22nd 2010

City Council held a special meeting on Monday, Sept 20, 2010 to discuss the noise ordinance.
A petition circulated by West Troy Street resident Sherry Wells and other residents in the Downtown Area calling for a new noise ordinance was submitted to the City Clerk last week, but it had too many invalid signatures to make it to City Council. There were 267 signatures on 25 sheets handed in, and 53 were not valid, mainly because people who had signed were not registered voters.