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Guest View: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

October 15th 2016

Guest View: Don’t  Be Afraid to Fail (Kyle Scislowicz, Auburn Hills Media Communications Specialist, Oct. 15, 2016)   We’ve all heard and acknowledged this phrase before, “don’t be afraid to fail.” However, how many of us truly live it? When making a decision or generating an idea, do you select the option which may result in an […]

Guest View: On the Restructuring of Ferndale Schools

March 27th 2015

Guest View: On the Restructuring of Ferndale Schools (Mike Davisson, March 27, 2015) My wife Amy and I moved to Ferndale in 2008 when we were expecting our first child. Perhaps unlike some folks, we did not think about schools too much at that time – we were so wrapped up in selling one house, […]

Ferndale View: On Crimes and Punishments

June 19th 2013

More than 500 Federal crimes have been placed on the books every decade! And the penalties for crimes have multiplied in tandem with their number. So crime has increased. And the stakes have increased as well. The main driver of crime now, and of criminal violence now as before, is prohibition…


May 5th 2011

In 1961 Congress designated May 1 as Law Day to remind us of our commitment to the rule of law. This year, the chosen theme is, “The Legacy of John Adams, From Boston to Guantanamo.” Of course, John Adams, the first lawyer president, defended the British soldiers involved in the “Boston Massacre” in 1770 because of his belief in the rule of law, particularly when representing unpopular clients.

Dennis Says No to Parking Fees for Nonprofit Events

February 18th 2011

Dennis Says No to Parking Fees for

Nonprofit Events

(A Ferndale View by Dennis Hoeppner)

(Read at City Council Call to Audience Feb 14, 2011)

FERNDALE VIEW: Corporations are not People

January 27th 2011

Corporations aren’t people. We all know that. But in last year’s Citizens
United decision, the Supreme Court gave corporations the same First
Amendment rights as you and me. The result was record breaking spending by
giant corporations to try to buy our elections.

Resident Says No to Taxes (Ferndale View, opinion)

January 7th 2011

Resident Says No to Taxes in this FERNDALE VIEWS opinion piece.

Ferndale Views – Oct. 15, 2010

October 15th 2010

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