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Greenmen Group Gives First Scholarship, Seeks Involvement

June 14th 2012

“We want to remove as many barriers as we can. We hope that the scholarship will not only provide some much needed funds, but also some encouragement for them to continue down their path,” Hall said.

Ryan Dillaha Plays Dino’s March 24

March 22nd 2012

Dillaha will be performing along with Chris Brantley and Tim Rios on Saturday, March 24 at Dino’s Lounge (22740 Woodward) at 9:30 pm….“I am a regular there, and I take that term seriously. People who don’t go to bars don’t seem to realize the important social function of the ‘regular’ at a bar. They forget that pub is short for…

J. Chris Newberg Back in Michigan, in Ferndale and Berkley

March 8th 2012

Now he is in LA, livin’ the celebrity dream. But he is coming back for two nights worth of comedy appearances here in the Metro Detroit area.