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Charity of Choice: 2012 Ferndale Blues & Music Festival

January 6th 2012

The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival gives the community a chance to have fun and get introduced to multiple bars, restaurants and gathering places, while still raising money for charity.

Those who would like to support these great causes from the comfort of your own couch or work chair are encouraged to donate to The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival through our website, using the link below

Weather Poster Contest, Savings Bond Prize

December 26th 2011

The National Weather Service is having a contest for fourth and fifth graders in Michigan. First Prize is a $200 US Savings Bond.

Woman Grateful for Returned Wallet

December 19th 2011

On Friday,Dec 16, 2011 the Ferndale 115 News was contacted by a reader named Erlean Smith, who wanted to share the following message…

Oakland County Passes Budget after Debates over Funding

September 23rd 2011

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed the 2012 budget after a last minute attempt by the Democratic Caucus to secure funding for five projects.

Transparency & Economic Vitality: City Launches Munetrix…

September 19th 2011

The Munitrix system will help meet the State’s requirements for increased transparency. “The intent here is to insure that the municipalities give access to communities and their residents exactly where their finances stand,” McGrath said.

VIDEO: SOS Helping the Homeless

September 19th 2011

The South Oakland Shelter (SOS) organizes a network of churches in the area to provide housing for homeless individuals, as well as food, care and support to help them get their lives back on track.

Elisabeth Mirer, Director of Development for SOS, was one of the people behind the organization’s new You Tube video SOS: That Could Never Be Me.

Budget Meeting #3 – April 6, 2011

April 9th 2011

On April 6, 2011 The Ferndale City Council held its third official budget planning session. Council meets every Wednesday starting at 6pm to discuss how to keep spending in line with revenue. One factor is that an election on May 3 will determine if residents are willing to accept a temporary property tax increase to support City services.

Hundred Dollar Bill Found & Donated

April 7th 2011

An unidentified woman found a $100 bill in the Ferndale Public Library parking lot at 11am today. Not seeing any obvious owners, the woman decided to donate the money to Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.

Affirmations Makes Progress…

February 19th 2011

“The plan for 2011,” Howley said…

New Year-Round Tax Center in Oakland County

February 18th 2011

Eligibility for Accounting Aid’s free tax preparation services is based on annual household income,
regardless of age, and is for families with incomes $50,000 or less and individuals with incomes
of $25,000 or less. For details, maps, and a list of documents to bring, visit