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Superintendent Takes Back Controversial Contract Cancellation:

January 10th 2013

After expecting the contract with ICE to end before Jan. 1, The Ferndale School Board received another surprise from Superintendent Gary Meier. He changed his mind, and has announced, through a notice dated Dec. 30, 2012 and given to then Board-President Keith Warnick, that he rescinded his prior cancellation.

Unanswered Questions in the ICE Contract Controversy

December 31st 2012

Due to apparent inconsistencies, The Ferndale 115 News decided to look further into the claim of the cancellation happening on October 1st. To begin with, Meier cited The November 3rd article as “the final straw.” Secondly, Warnick campaigned throughout the month of October on the benefits of the contract, and never once mentioned the cancellation at the Policy meeting or Board meetings that took place in October.