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Art Created by Fire Celebrated in Royal Oak

June 11th 2018

Art Created by Fire Celebrated in Royal Oak (Mark H. Stowers, June 11, 2018) Royal Oak, MI – This weekend Downtown Royal Oak was on fire. The 24th Annual Clay, Glass and Metal Show was renamed the Art of Fire and was held this past weekend. Artists from around the United States gathered to show […]

The Art of Fire Art Show in Royal Oak June 9 & 10

May 31st 2018

The Art of Fire Art Show in Royal Oak June 9 & 10 Royal Oak, MI – Clay, Glass and Metal has a new look and a new name. This award-winning art show features works created from heat using fire and earth. Held in the heart of the downtown, the only mediums presented in this […]

Art Fair Shows Ferndale’s Funky Side

September 25th 2016

Art Fair Shows Ferndale’s Funky Side (Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 25, 2016) Ferndale, MI – Downtown Ferndale was full of art this weekend for the Funky Ferndale Art Fair.  This juried art fair featured artists from all around the country, with diverse styles, techniques and types of art. Along with the professional artists on hand, […]

Fun and Educational Earth Day Event at SOCRRA April 17

March 24th 2016

Fun and Educational Earth Day Event at SOCRRA April 17 (EVENT page) Troy, MI – Celebrate Earth Day with SOCRRA and enjoy tours of the SOCRRA recycling facility. Watch a Recycled Materials Fashion Show. Repurpose things into crafts and art projects with Green Living Science. Go on a scavenger hunt. Get up close and personal […]

West Drayton Wire Problem Could Have Been Avoided

August 4th 2012

Around 3pm on Friday, July 27 neighbors reported smoke coming from the transformer, which was mounted on a wooden electrical pole in a resident’s back yard. People in the surrounding homes were evacuated while Ferndale firemen monitored the situation, waiting for DTE to come.

Ferndale Increases Recycling Rates, Huntington Woods Tops 21%

July 28th 2012

According to Southeast Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority, Ferndale’s rate of recycling increased to 9.03% from last years’ 8.55%. Huntington Woods residents had the highest rate, with 21.87%.

Farewell to the West Breckenridge Dragon

June 1st 2012

Scott Wright’s father created the dragon for his son a decade ago. He also made an alligator, which is less prominently guarding the opposite side of the front lawn, poking out from the hedges.


April 1st 2012

The tour starts out in the education center, where youngsters hear a presentation about recycling, and watch a video about the process. Karen Bever, from SOCRRA explained that the more kids recycle, the more money the cities get back from the program. “It costs cities $26 a ton to take away garbage, but for every ton of recycling the city brings in they get a $37.50 credit,” Bever said.

Recycling 101: How to Save the City Money & Help the Planet Too

November 12th 2011

Because raw materials have scarcity, there is value to items that are recyclable. Manufacturers need plastic, metal, glass and paper, so SOCRRA is able to collect these items and sell them. Currently for every ton of recyclables collected, cities in the program get $37.50. If more people recycled, it could earn the City up to $50,000, according to SOCRRA estimates.