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Students Learn about their Rights

March 22nd 2017

Students Learn about their Rights (Crystal A. Proxmire, March 22, 2017) Ferndale, MI – Can a principal strip search a student if they believe they have drugs on them?  Can a student flip off a teacher at a restaurant?  Can a school censor items in the student-run school paper? These and many other issues were […]

Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Cases Explained

February 1st 2013

The Supreme Court has decided to take on two same-sex marriage cases this year. Each one addresses a different, but important facet of the marriage issue. The first addresses the Proposition 8 case in California and the second addresses a case where a couple was married in Canada and had a civil union in New York, but when one partner died the other was left with a $363,053 inheritance tax

Straight Talk on Gay Marriage Presentation Jan. 21

January 13th 2013

According to Schmidt, “The timing of the Supreme Court’s decision to hear these cases just months after 4 states’ voters spoke out in favor of marriage equality is anything but accidental. The Court is ready to make a big decision that will have significant and lasting effects, no matter which way it goes.”

Straight Talk on Medical Marijuana Laws: Proposed Changes

May 15th 2012

Last week, Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, presented Straight Talk on Medical Marijuana Laws at the Ferndale Public Library. In that talk she discussed recent proposals by both legislators and the public to modify the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and the effects these modifications may have on the ability of qualified patients to use the drug

Anatomy of a Criminal Case

March 15th 2012

Schmidt gave examples of three types of cases, and explained the basics of each. Attendees learned about civil infractions, misdemeanors and felonies – and what to do if caught up in any of them.

Learn the Anatomy of a Criminal Case in Straight Talk on Feb. 27

February 25th 2012

Lisa J. Schmidt has been a criminal attorney in several counties and is a public defender in Oakland and Wayne Counties as well as representing private criminal clients. She urges the public to get informed about the criminal process. “You never know when you or someone you know may find yourself in an unexpected situation.