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Car Insurance, Hiring Felons, Income Tax and More Discussed with Ferndale Seniors

April 25th 2017

Car Insurance, Hiring Felons, Income Tax and More Discussed with Ferndale Seniors (Crystal A. Proxmire, April 25, 2017) Ferndale, MI – On a day where the Legislature was on Spring Break, State Representative Robert Wittenberg was still working, taking time to visit with constituents of the 27th District.  The Ferndale Seniors group welcomed him as […]

Rally… as Religious Freedom Bill Dies in the Senate (video)

December 18th 2014

Rally Supports Equality as Religious Freedom Bill Dies in the Senate (video) (Crystal A. Proxmire, Dec. 18, 2014) In Ferndale Thursday night dozens of people rallied to show support for equality, and disapproval of a bill that would give people with a deeply held religious belief the right to have their religious beliefs trump laws […]

A Ferndale Man’s Petition to End Referendum-Proof Legislation

March 23rd 2013

“How many more times will we get something from our legislature that we can’t undo?” That’s the main question posed by Ferndale resident Bill Lucas. Lucas has started a petition to amend the State Constitution by striking out language that allows legislation to be referendum-proof if there are appropriations attached.

Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch Presents Information

December 7th 2012

Oakland Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch spoke to over 250 people at Coolidge Intermediate School on Dec. 6 about proposed changes to the State’s education system, the legislation for which is being modern taxpushed quickly through by conservatives in Lansing.

Karen Twomey on Education Legislation

November 28th 2012

Unfortunately the planned legislation does not end here. Early in the next year I will be asking for your help again as Lansing will be considering a draft bill replacement for the School Aid Act. The Oxford Foundation has released a draft bill for consideration most likely around February. This bill will completely replace the School Aid Act and rewrite the way we fund public education by creating a public voucher system.

Know Your Fireworks Code

June 27th 2012

The giant boom of fireworks could be followed by the “whoop whoop” of police sirens (or worse fire engines) if residents don’t pay attention to the rules.

Mr. Warnick Goes to Washington D.C.

March 8th 2011

Board Vice President Keith Warnick and Deputy Superintendent Henry Gold attended the National School Boards Association Federal Relations Network Conference in Washington D. C. The conference provides school districts with information regarding education related legislation, so they may effectively lobby elected representatives during the conference, as well throughout the year.