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Holiday Shopping Legal Tips

November 16th 2012

As you are hitting the stores and shopping on the Internet it’s important to be proactive in knowing your legal rights so that your gift giving experiences are filled with merriment versus heartache.

No Texting While Driving and…

August 15th 2012

City Attorney Dan Christ has been busy preparing a batch of ordinance changes which the City of Ferndale adopted at the Aug. 13, 2012 City Council Meeting. Four approved code changes involve the operation of motor vehicles, and their enactment means that the City can capture more revenue.

Lesson from Judge Longo: Most Ticket Money Goes to the State

July 31st 2012

The idea that cities make money off writing tickets is the biggest misconception Judge Joseph Longo has to face in his work at the 43rd District Court.

“People come in with this attitude like they shouldn’t have to pay because it’s some kind of conspiracy, like the City is just doing this to make money. That’s not the case.

Governor Snyder Vetoes Three Election-Related Bills, Signs 11 Others

July 9th 2012

Snyder did sign into law 11 other bills, including those that establish more stringent requirements before a political party will be recognized in Michigan, and requirements that Independent committees must file quarterly spending reports with the State. Other bills require all ballot or petition language must be submitted to the Secretary of State prior to circulation.

Know Your Fireworks Code

June 27th 2012

The giant boom of fireworks could be followed by the “whoop whoop” of police sirens (or worse fire engines) if residents don’t pay attention to the rules.

Straight Talk on Medical Marijuana Laws: Proposed Changes

May 15th 2012

Last week, Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, presented Straight Talk on Medical Marijuana Laws at the Ferndale Public Library. In that talk she discussed recent proposals by both legislators and the public to modify the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and the effects these modifications may have on the ability of qualified patients to use the drug

Anatomy of a Criminal Case

March 15th 2012

Schmidt gave examples of three types of cases, and explained the basics of each. Attendees learned about civil infractions, misdemeanors and felonies – and what to do if caught up in any of them.

Learn the Anatomy of a Criminal Case in Straight Talk on Feb. 27

February 25th 2012

Lisa J. Schmidt has been a criminal attorney in several counties and is a public defender in Oakland and Wayne Counties as well as representing private criminal clients. She urges the public to get informed about the criminal process. “You never know when you or someone you know may find yourself in an unexpected situation.

Straight Talk w/Lawyer Lisa Series Starts Jan. 23 with “Bullying”

January 15th 2012

There are currently four Straight Talk w/Lawyer Lisa discussions scheduled. After January’s Bullying presentation, the dates and topics are:
~February 27, 2012 on the Anatomy of a Criminal Case
~April 23, 2012 on Medical Marijuana
~May 21, 2012 on Child Custody

Cities Could Lose Inclusive Ordinances if HB5039 Passes

January 1st 2012

Over a dozen Michigan Cities, including Ferndale, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit, could be stripped of their local human rights ordinances if Michigan HB 5039 passes.