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Judge Longo Shares His Courthouse Woes

February 28th 2013

In November Longo gave a presentation to City Council about the things he’d like to see in a remodel of the 43rd District Court building.

The lack of ADA compliant facilities is not the only problem with the 43rd District Courthouse, although it is the most heart-wrenching. Other issues Longo listed include:

Lesson from Judge Longo: Most Ticket Money Goes to the State

July 31st 2012

The idea that cities make money off writing tickets is the biggest misconception Judge Joseph Longo has to face in his work at the 43rd District Court.

“People come in with this attitude like they shouldn’t have to pay because it’s some kind of conspiracy, like the City is just doing this to make money. That’s not the case.

People vs. Argo et. all VIDEO Released

November 16th 2010

The following links show the preliminary exam in the matter of The People vs. Argo et. all. More information on this story will be up in the next week, but we’ve had many requests for these videos, so there they are….