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Gunshots Fired at Hazel Park Students

October 29th 2012

“According to reports, one of these groups walked down Hughes toward the high school. The second group followed in a car and caught the first group just north of the high school. At that time, the people in the car fired several shots at individuals near the high school baseball diamond. Fortunately, no individuals were hit or injured.

Toy Gun Gives False Alarm at Roosevelt

October 19th 2012

Roosevelt Principal Dina Rocheleau spoke to her students about the importance of reporting concerns like this to an adult, and never handling dangerous objects. She said: “I’m proud of our student for reporting his concerns to the teacher, and I treated him to lunch in the cafeteria to show my appreciation.”

Police Report: Armed Robbery Ends in Chase, Injuries & Arrests

July 11th 2011

Lt. William Wilson of the Ferndale Police gave initial news of an armed robbery and subsequent chase that occurred at approximately 7pm

Scuffle as Man Attempts to Take Police Officer’s Gun

June 24th 2011

…As the officer was attempting to gain control of the suspect the suspect grabbed the officer by the shirt and then attempted to disarm the officer’s holstered handgun by attempting to pull the handgun from the officer’s holster. The officer’s belt and holster were turned 90 degrees to the front of the officer from the hip area of the officer….

Police Search for Teens with Gun

June 15th 2011

On Monday June 13th, at about 5:30 in the evening, Ferndale Police took a report from two young boys who said they were assaulted with a handgun. The victims were 7 and 13 years old. The boys said they had just won a basketball game against two older boys, about 17 – 18 years old, in Harding Park. After the game, they two groups had a verbal altercation and exchanged obscenities

Gun Taken from 16 Year Old Student at Taft

March 4th 2011

This week, as the result of a subsequent confrontation between these students, the 18-year-old gave more statements to school officials concerning the day he stole the glasses. He said that after he took the glasses (with another friend), they ran out of the school and down the street. The sixteen-year-old chased after them, then used a gun to fire shots.